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Day by Day Archive Month April

April 01
State population surges as minority percentages grow (2000)
William Brann, publisher of Iconoclast, is killed in Waco (1898)
Mexican revolutionary captures San Antonio (1813)
April 02
Golf guru dies (1995)
Famous horse wins at Aqueduct on the eve of his trainer's death (1969)
Slave smuggler revealed as forger (1840)
April 03
Legendary Texan born in Virginia (1817)
Historian and TSHA director born in Panola County (1888)
U.S. Supreme Court dooms white primary (1944)
April 04
Spanish explorer names the Nueces (1689)
Houston surgeon implants first artificial heart (1969)
Sarah Ann Horn and other settlers captured by Indians (1836)
April 05
Fort Worth's first hospital burns (1885)
Kelly Field gets its wings (1917)
Marshal guns down notorious outlaw cum lawman (1896)
April 06
Fair for this half of the world opens in San Antonio (1968)
Fine arts association, Ney Museum founded (1911)
Mexican immigration law offends Anglo-Texans (1830)
April 07
"Mr. Sam" becomes a congressman (1913)
"Sandals" attack "Boots," setting off Laredo election riot (1886)
Mina Expedition sails from Galveston Island (1817)
April 08
General Taylor foils Union campaign in Louisiana (1864)
Call issued for statewide woman suffrage convention (1893)
Lady Bird dedicates Padre Island National Seashore (1968)
April 09
Mexico detains American sailors (1913)
Grocery chain founder born in Tennessee (1895)
Astros meet Yankees to inaugurate domed stadium (1965)
April 10
Pioneer Mexican Presbyterian ordained minister (1887)
Job Corps Center dedicated at former Air Force base (1965)
Rubí report recommends reorganization (1768)
April 11
Keelboat reaches "raft on the Colorado" (1838)
Leading Texas woman made first secretary of HEW (1953)
Majestic Theatre opens in Dallas (1921)
April 12
Mexican forces under Santa Anna capture key Brazos crossing (1836)
Compromise leads to oldest land grant in Texas (1758)
First county in Panhandle organized (1879)
April 13
Millionaire Robert Mills, erstwhile "duke of Brazoria," dies (1888)
First Knights of Columbus council in Texas established in El Paso (1902)
Expedition reaches future site of San Antonio (1709)
April 14
First state museum in Texas opens (1933)
Coahuila governor discovers and names Guadalupe River (1689)
Fearful dust storm inspires songwriter (1935)
April 15
Empresarios receive colonization contracts (1825)
High court rules that Texas can sue in federal courts despite secession (1869)
April 16
Catastrophic explosion kills hundreds in Texas City (1947)
Tejana superstar born in Lake Jackson (1971)
Power wedding: wealthy Mexican widow and Anglo rancher marry (1852)
April 17
Historic academy building dedicated in New Braunfels (1856)
Orphanage for black children founded in Gilmer (1900)
Legislature approves appropriation for Agricultural and Mechanical College (1871)
April 18
West Texas Landscape painter born in Milford (1904)
Author attempts to jump-start town with fictional UFO story (1897)
Juan Seguín resigns as mayor of San Antonio (1842)
April 19
White Horse surrenders (1875)
West Texas Historical Association organized in Abilene (1924)
Texas Industrial Congress founded (1910)
April 20
Texas baritone makes professional debut in New York (1924)
German nobles unite for Texas colonization (1842)
Last Confederate general dies (1928)
April 21
Texas forces win at San Jacinto (1836)
Legendary lawman joins the Texas Rangers (1906)
First internees arrive at Kenedy Alien Detention Camp (1942)
April 22
Coronado departs Culiacán in search of Seven Cities of Cíbola (1540)
Law authorizing State Police repealed (1873)
Spanish explorer finds defunct French fort (1689)
April 23
Rock and roll legend born in Vernon (1936)
Legendary jazz pianist dies (1984)
Seed of modern art museum planted in Fort Worth (1892)
April 24
Magnolia Petroleum Company founded (1911)
Tigua leader dies (1988)
Black Texas leader assassinated (1931)
April 25
One-time port of Saluria was prominent in the Civil War (1861)
U.S. recognizes Republic of Texas claims to disputed territory (1838)
Black Seminole scouts rescue commander from Comanches (1875)
April 26
War Department orders surveys for Indian reservations (1854)
First letter from "Pidge" appears in Austin paper (1874)
Texan earns Medal of Honor for heroism (1968)
April 27
Rolling Stone rolls no more (1895)
Texas history library opens in Austin (1950)
Disastrous tornado presages community's demise (1907)
April 28
Gospel singing convention established (1900)
Prairie chicken namesake born in England (1854)
Pioneer memoirist born in Missouri (1825)
April 29
Spanish treasure ships wrecked on Padre Island (1554)
Camels arrive for trial service in Texas (1856)
Celebration inaugurates Rusk Tramway (1875)
April 30
Spanish college official meets Indian lady (1768)
Bosque-Larios Expedition sets out for Texas (1675)
Houston honors Jewish fighters for Texas independence (1986)