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Day by Day Archive Month August

August 01
Baylor declares himself governor of Confederate Territory of Arizona (1861)
First election in Texas (1731)
Gunman opens fire on students at UT (1966)
August 02
Texans oust Mexicans in battle of Nacogdoches (1832)
Law arrives west of the Pecos (1882)
Legislature grants Katy a Texas charter (1870)
August 03
Murder of sheriff candidate kindles feud (1898)
Clash with Rangers radicalizes rancher (1915)
August 04
Stevenson becomes governor of Texas as O'Daniel departs for U.S. Senate (1941)
Bracero program supplies labor during World War II (1942)
Texas Revolution participant marries future memoirist (1836)
August 05
World-famous female impersonator dies at his home (1973)
Famous fraud Frederick Albert Cook dies (1940)
First permanent settler arrives at Point Bolivar (1838)
August 06
New British diplomat arrives in Texas (1842)
Oilman gives Paisano Ranch to UT (1966)
Famous Texas missionary dies in Mexico City (1726)
Feminist folk artist born in Laredo (1902)
August 07
Dallas strikers attract spectators and international attention (1935)
Alexander Cockrell buys Dallas townsite (1852)
Peripatetic pioneer elected first Bosque County judge (1854)
Mickey Leland dies in plane crash (1989)
August 08
Abilene "Top Citizen" dies (1968)
Raiders attack Norias Division of King Ranch (1915)
Soul legend born in Rogers (1935)
August 09
Birth of Texas blues pianist Robert Shaw (1908)
Last reunion at Camp Ben McCulloch (1946)
"Bet-a-Million" Gates dies (1911)
August 10
First woman poet laureate dies (1958)
Confederate soldiers attack Unionists beside the Nueces River (1862)
Texas Department of Public Safety established (1935)
August 11
Decline continues as Spanish officer leaves San Xavier missions (1754)
Future Texas woodcarver born in Switzerland (1883)
Mysterious fire destroys evidence against Parr political machine (1914)
August 12
Raiding Comanches soundly defeated at Plum Creek (1840)
Giant sinkhole appears at Boling Dome (1983)
Eccentric ornithologist and editor dies (1985)
August 13
Black infantrymen allegedly attack Brownsville citizens (1906)
UT professor speaks out for academic freedom (1945)
U.S. agent advises against recognition of Texas independence (1836)
August 14
Hispanic meeting in Harlingen stalls, but lays groundwork for LULAC (1927)
First Texas newspaper begins brief life (1819)
Texas suffragist dies (1957)
August 15
Philip Sublett nominates Sam Houston for president of the Republic of Texas (1836)
First Feast of the Assumption celebrated in Praha (1855)
Future superior of Refugio Sisters of Mercy takes religious vows (1872)
August 16
Civil rights attorney killed in accident (1960)
Irish colony founded in South Texas (1828)
French adventurer marries Spanish official's daughter (1719)
August 17
Black Jack Ketchum is captured in New Mexico (1899)
Pioneer settler's death prematurely announced (1842)
Davy Crockett born (1786)
August 18
Mexican Congress passes colonization law (1824)
Gutiérrez-Magee expedition squashed in bloodiest Texas battle (1813)
Famous Hollywood designer born in Waco (1894)
August 19
Pioneer Methodist missionary enters Texas (1837)
Apaches bury the hatchet (1749)
John Selman kills John Wesley Hardin (1895)
August 20
Presidential parents wed (1907)
The future Fort Lancaster is established (1855)
Peace--finally!--between the U.S. and Texas (1866)
Repeat hurricane dooms Indianola (1886)
August 21
Texan's sacrifice in Vietnam earns Medal of Honor (1968)
"La Musa Texana" dies in Laredo (1910)
Antisuffrage activist dies (1928)
August 22
H&TC absorbs four other rail lines (1901)
A&M College of Medicine opens its doors (1977)
Racially integrated art exhibition opens in Texas (1971)
August 23
Loyalist warns governor of anti-Mexican sentiment in Nacogdoches (1835)
Carl Crane, aviation pioneer, makes first automated landing (1937)
San Patricio deserters face court-martial (1847)
August 24
Flood destroys West Texas town (1882)
Military hero begins long Congressional career (1946)
Treaty grants Mexican independence (1821)
August 25
DRT takes over French Legation (1949)
Young Thomas Short confesses to cattle theft (1849)
Ninetieth Division activated at Camp Travis (1917)
Black medical organization founded (1886)
August 26
Provincias Internas divided into three sectors (1786)
State Police in gun battle (1870)
Alamo survivor Joe escapes from slavery (1837)
Town opens with a barbecue (1892)
August 27
Chihuahua Expedition ends after blazing trade route (1840)
Redeemed captive begins trip home (1866)
Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in crash (1990)
August 28
Hugo Oconór becomes ad interim governor of Texas (1767)
María Calvillo petitions Mexican government for ranch title (1828)
Newt Gresham founds Farmers Union (1902)
Texas sub commander receives Medal of Honor (1945)
August 29
Houston Academy chartered (1856)
Founder of agricultural community dies (1965)
August 30
Mob masses at Mansfield (1956)
Texans capture guns at Second Manassas (1862)
El Paso Electric forerunner takes over as supplier for the Southwest (1901)
August 31
Asa Borger murdered (1934)
Camp Bowie closed (1946)
Historic Baptist church founded (1839)
"Gentleman Jim" Ferguson, future Texas governor, born in Salado (1871)