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Day by Day Archive Month December

December 01
Missouri Pacific enters Texas (1880)
Cartoonist's career begins (1905)
Rancher accidentally shot on train (1901)
D. and A. Oppenheimer closes (1988)
Future Broadway star born in Weatherford (1913)
December 02
Lucy Pickens's face appears on Confederate $100 bills (1862)
From Peck to Tomball to "Oil Town U.S.A." (1907)
"Angel of San Antonio" weds longtime love (1880)
Founder of Missionary Catechists of Divine Providence dies (1975)
December 03
Dallas Morning News buys out rival paper (1885)
Baylor University dedicates Armstrong Browning Library (1951)
Outlaw meets his match (1884)
West Texas townsite company sells more than 200 lots despite sandstorm (1924)
December 04
Carl G. Cromwell, ignoring orders, brings in world's deepest oil well (1928)
Matador Ranch sold (1882)
"Walking George" Beto dies (1991)
Texans appeal to San Antonio merchants as "Cart War" nears its end (1857)
December 05
Spanish priests launch "peace offensive" (1791)
Texans assault Mexican garrison at Béxar (1835)
"Dusky Deamon" Bill Pickett born in Travis County (1870)
Philosophical Society of Texas founded in Houston (1837)
December 06
Jefferson Davis dies (1889)
San Antonio hosts two observing expeditions for transit of Venus (1882)
Leadbelly dies (1949)
U.S. government okays the building of the Port Isabel lighthouse (1851)
December 07
Noah Smithwick banished from Texas as "a bad citizen" (1830)
Dallas museum trustees issue statement in "red art" controversy (1955)
Texas native Doris Miller shoots back at Japanese attackers (1941)
West Texas Historical and Scientific Society organized (1925)
December 08
Texarkana established (1873)
Bee County comes into being (1857)
Mission church begins remarkable run (1755)
Southwestern colleges form athletic conference (1914)
December 09
Founder of Negro National League dies (1930)
Juan de Ugalde is born in Spain (1729)
Martín de Alarcón appointed governor of Texas (1716)
December 10
Early female land promoter and diplomat goes down with the ship (1878)
The New York and Texas Land Company begins operation (1879)
Lamar inaugurated as president of the Texas Republic (1838)
Dan Blocker born (1928)
December 11
Black farmers form union (1886)
Lipan chief captured and brought to Bexar (1737)
Diplomat of the Republic arrives in Mexico (1839)
December 12
Fiery preacher denounces professor (1930)
Toonerville Trolley opens for business (1910)
Red Rovers leave for Texas (1835)
December 13
Moore leads sortie of Texas Navy (1841)
Spanish mapping expedition heads for Texas (1777)
Texas Workers' Compensation Act passed (1989)
Award-winning Texas author commits suicide (1956)
December 14
Leonard Brothers opens in Fort Worth (1918)
League formed to help Mexican-American children (1934)
Founder of Negro Fine Arts School dies (1978)
Republic licenses doctors (1837)
December 15
Elite cavalry regiment enters Texas (1855)
Wealthiest signer of Declaration of Independence arrives in Texas (1834)
John Woodward appointed Texas consul general to New York (1836)
Railroad runs excursion train to lure settlers (1887)
December 16
Texas Railroad, Navigation, and Banking Company chartered (1836)
Future Texas governor born in Georgia (1861)
Sul Ross takes command of Confederate cavalry brigade (1863)
Republic of Fredonia stillborn in Nacogdoches (1826)
December 17
"John Henry Faulk Show" debuts on WCBS (1951)
Mexican governor born in San Antonio (1778)
J. J. Schott opens Galveston pharmacy (1867)
December 18
Bad Hand diagnosed as insane (1883)
Texas Rangers "rescue" Cynthia Ann Parker (1860)
Conjunto legend dies (1984)
Pioneer Hertz brothers arrive in Nacogdoches (1829)
December 19
San Antonio presents grievances to Mexican state legislature (1832)
Somervell expedition disbands (1842)
Albany jail reopens as a museum (1980)
Rival Lubbock County towns consolidate (1890)
December 20
Duval County Democratic leader shot, opening door for Parr dynasty (1907)
Driskill Hotel opens in Austin (1886)
Garrison at Goliad declares independence (1835)
Congress approves the Post Office Department of the Republic of Texas (1836)
December 21
Legislature establishes Frontier Regiment (1861)
Political boss Jim Wells dies (1923)
Governor Wood takes office (1847)
Legislature passes act to encourage transcontinental railroad through Texas (1853)
December 22
General Land Office established (1836)
Escaped POW William Dyess resumes flying and dies in plane crash (1943)
National Wildflower Research Center opens on Lady Bird's birthday (1982)
First Texas-German church services held in Houston (1839)
December 23
Scott and White becomes nonprofit hospital foundation (1949)
Black militia company organizes in Nueces County (1879)
"Santa Claus" robs bank but muffs getaway (1927)
Bob Lemmons, "the most original mustanger," dies (1947)
December 24
Museum benefactors Kay and Vera Fuller Kimbell marry (1910)
Spanish captain's arrival triggers construction of Presidio del Norte (1759)
The railroad comes to Texas (1852)
Early community incorporated (1838)
December 25
Houston and Texas Central reaches Austin (1871)
Kit Carson signs Sawtooth Mountain (1839)
First Communion service for Texas Episcopalians (1838)
Mexican raiders attack Luke Brite's ranch (1917)
December 26
Independence Heights is independent no longer (1929)
Future Eagle Pass civic leader born in Hungary (1885)
Pro-Union Tejanos lynch secessionist judge (1862)
First commercial buffalo hunt in Texas (1874)
December 27
Texas Masons hold first meeting (1835)
Stephen F. Austin dies (1836)
Austin incorporates--the first such act with public health provisions (1839)
Eli Whiteley wins the Medal of Honor in France (1944)
December 28
Oldest Jewish house of worship in Texas chartered (1859)
Poet-horticulturist "Fruit Tree" Ramsey dies (1932)
Death of blues king Freddie King (1976)
First oil well in Ector County signals development of Odessa (1926)
December 29
Cartoonist publishes last regular work (1972)
Painter Frank Reaugh born in Illinois (1860)
Texas Folklore Society founded in Dallas (1909)
U.S. Congress approves annexation of Texas (1845)
December 30
Mayor of San Antonio indicted for misapplication of funds (1938)
Jury acquits traveling salesman of murder (1880)
Historian Gambrell dies (1982)
Anson Jones throws Duff Green out of Texas (1844)
December 31
Official Spanish census records 247 male and 167 female mulattoes (1792)
Birder's paradise established (1937)
Armadillo World Headquarters closes its doors for good (1980)
Bluebonnet Bowl wilts as old year fades (1987)