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Day by Day Archive Month February

February 01
Ground broken for new Capitol (1882)
Composer of state song dies (1971)
United States and Mexico sign Rio Grande Rectification Treaty (1933)
February 02
Ursuline Academy founded in Dallas (1874)
Cotton comes to the Rio Grande valley (1830)
María Coronel becomes "the Woman in Blue" (1620)
February 03
Teenage idol Buddy Holly dies in plane crash (1959)
Republic authorizes mercantile firm to issue money (1841)
Coastal brewery serves up a cold one (1896)
February 04
La Bahía becomes Goliad (1829)
Republic of Texas authorizes ill-fated Peters colony (1841)
Hero from Rio Grande valley dies in Vietnam (1968)
February 05
Commission established to plan Central National Road (1844)
Snakebite pioneer succumbs (1955)
The Republic of Texas passes legislation regarding free African Americans (1840)
February 06
First Czech newspaper in Texas (1879)
Virginia Point enlivened by railroad bridge to Galveston Island (1860)
Frenchman, considered a troublemaker by the Spanish, dies in prison (1756)
February 07
Seguin incorporates (1853)
Cowboy, author, and detective born on Texas coast (1855)
Transfer of command misfires in Republic of Texas army (1837)
February 08
Last Franciscan in early Texas relinquishes missions (1830)
Violence presages end of notorious red-light district (1887)
Brewster County exposes "dummy town" (1910)
February 09
NAACP leader born in Round Rock (1902)
Renowned jazz saxophonist dies (1939)
Texas pays beef bill, twelve years late (1854)
February 10
French castaway reaches Natchitoches (1721)
"Madam Candelaria" dies at age 113 (1899)
Legislature confirms South Texas land grants (1852)
February 11
Texas marines mutiny in old New Orleans (1842)
First railroad in Texas chartered (1850)
Legislature passes bill to pay for governor's "chicken salad and punch" (1915)
February 12
Sixty-one die as steamboat burns (1869)
Inventor of the electric typewriter born (1888)
Arctic cold stiffens Tulia (1899)
February 13
"Lone Wolf," Ranger legend, dies (1977)
Spanish language newspaper debuts in San Antonio (1913)
First class of army aerial navigators arrives in San Marcos (1943)
February 14
Railroad crew founds Valentine, Texas (1882)
Spanish nobleman calls for settlement of Texas (1729)
Philanthropists wed on Valentine's Day (1904)
February 15
Lumberman predicts big future for El Paso (1880)
Texas rancher murdered by Mexican troops (1914)
Texas adopts constitution (1876)
February 16
Lone survivor of Bonilla expedition found (1599)
First archbishop of San Antonio consecrated (1927)
Longoria given hero's burial (1949)
February 17
Hydraulic dredge Comstock catches fire (1913)
Art museum chartered at crossroads city (1930)
LULAC founded (1929)
February 18
Secessionist fire-eater dies (1874)
Frenchman flies first plane in Texas (1910)
Heroic Texas woman graduates from flight-nurse school (1943)
February 19
First black Texas Catholic bishop installed (1988)
Texas Congress is history; Texas Legislature up and running (1846)
Indian captive reunited with husband (1838)
February 20
Governor Edmund Davis imposes martial law in Walker County (1871)
Black legislator wins disputed election (1874)
Baptist missionary licensed to preach (1875)
February 21
Roy Bean stages a prize fight (1896)
WASPs arrive at Sweetwater Army Air Field (1943)
New county seat given new portmanteau name (1902)
February 22
Feds regulate "hot" oil (1935)
Mexican soldier changes sides, joins Texans (1836)
United States renounces claims to Texas (1819)
February 23
Legislature establishes Gillespie County (1848)
Secession referendum passes by landslide (1861)
Marines raise flag on Iwo Jima (1945)
February 24
Rangers sent to Wiley College in response to student demonstrations (1969)
Future Texas leader born in Sweden (1861)
Travis pens his famous letter from the Alamo (1836)
February 25
First Catholic bishop of Galveston born in France (1800)
Alamo City lures Trinity University from Waxahachie (1942)
Colt patents the "gun that won the West" (1836)
February 26
Texas farm workers begin 420-mile march to Austin (1977)
Black activist seeks admission to segregated university (1946)
Clint and Jeff Smith captured by Indians (1871)
February 27
Future governor born on farm (1917)
South Texas separatists proclaim Territory of the Rio Grande (1850)
Gillespie County matriarch dies (1907)
February 28
Cowgirls get organized (1948)
Anson Mills names El Paso (1859)
Dr Pepper goes private (1984)
February 29
West Texas town declares itself "Leap Year Capital of the World" (1988)