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Day by Day Archive Month January

January 01
Farmer sows tent colony (1906)
Confederates attack Union forces in Galveston (1863)
Texas governor shocks nation, appoints all-woman court (1925)
January 02
Western crooner Tex Ritter succumbs in country-music capital (1974)
Roger Miller born (1936)
Bonnie sculptor born (1890)
January 03
Presidio County established (1850)
General Kiddoo nixes Contract Law (1867)
Orphans get new home (1874)
Another bad day for A. J. Dorn (1884)
January 04
Versatile writer dies (1992)
Landscape artist Ida Weisselberg Hadra born in Castroville (1861)
Texas radio station sets country music standard (1923)
Black cowboy Bose Ikard dies (1929)
January 05
Naval fleet commander relieved on eve of World War II (1941)
Cooke County hamlet springs back after Indian raid (1865)
First telegraph company in Texas chartered (1854)
Pioneer Texas scientist born in Germany (1818)
January 06
Final bell rings for boxing promoter (1929)
Viceroy appoints Coronado to find Seven Cities of Cíbola (1540)
Revista Católica relocates to El Paso (1918)
January 07
Nazareth Academy opens (1867)
Big Brazos bridge opens in Waco (1870)
James Moreau Brown buys future site of Ashton Villa (1859)
January 08
Kickapoos rout Confederates in battle of Dove Creek (1865)
Prima ballerina Nana Gollner born (1919)
Legislature makes fence cutting a felony (1884)
Youthful Confederate spy executed at Little Rock by Union soldiers (1864)
January 09
Texas Academy of Science organized (1892)
Anson Jones commits suicide (1858)
Frank X. Tolbert dies (1984)
Frontier icon Crockett loses election, heads for Alamo (1836)
January 10
Houston honors philanthropist (1964)
Texas aviation leaders die in plane crash (1954)
Spindletop oilfield discovered (1901)
Black physician and civil rights leader born in Waskom (1894)
January 11
Black veteran honored for war bond sales (1945)
Texas troops captured at Arkansas Post (1863)
Confederate Navy sinks Yankee ship (1863)
January 12
Ambitious French colonization scheme fizzles (1841)
Unionist paper closes down (1861)
Vigilantes hang horse thief in Denison (1874)
Crusading El Paso newspaper folds (1886)
January 13
Future scalp hunter enlists in army (1847)
"Red Fox of the Big Thicket" arrested for the first time (1939)
Rival cities cooperate to open gigantic airport (1974)
English noble dies in drunken debauch (1885)
January 14
Former governor Alan Shivers dies (1985)
War effort proceeds as huge Texas base is activated (1942)
Governor urges Texans to make sacrifices (1865)
Alianza Hispano-Americana founded (1894)
January 15
Texas Memorial Museum opens (1939)
Governor grasps at federal straw to stay in office (1874)
Company chartered to build road from Houston to Austin (1841)
Confederate veterans create orphanage (1867)
January 16
Prussian mapmaker retires from General Land Office (1899)
Historian Joe B. Frantz born (1917)
Church organized in Swedish community (1897)
A Prussian lens on South Tejas (1860)
January 17
Mexican Federalists declare independence at Laredo convention (1840)
First appearance of Popeye (1929)
Barbara Jordan dies (1996)
A Connecticut Yankee in Texas (1821)
January 18
Texas historian and author born in Cincinnati (1817)
Marshall University chartered (1842)
Populist farmer elected president of Texas Farmers' Alliance (1887)
Scandal purges body politic (1971)
January 19
German school chartered in Austin (1858)
Huge state park opened to public (1991)
Waterloo approved as new capital of Texas (1839)
Mosqueda robs railroad, becomes hero (1891)
January 20
Heroism of the "Texas Division" (1944)
Professor begins distinguished career at Southwestern University (1879)
First issue of San Antonio Light published (1881)
Cofounder of Irish colony murdered (1853)
January 21
Sid Richardson Hall dedicated (1971)
Charitable foundation begins bumpy journey (1960)
Mason County courthouse burns (1877)
"Know-Nothings" abandon secrecy, meet in Austin (1856)
January 22
Fifty Cent Act repealed (1883)
Supreme Court legalizes abortion (1973)
State supreme court rules new school funding system unconstitutional (1991)
First steamboat reaches Houston (1837)
January 23
Domingo Terán de los Ríos appointed first governor of Texas (1691)
Ill-fated Spanish mission established (1762)
Confederates hang former Texas senator as traitor (1863)
January 24
"Tri-Cities" finally unite as Baytown (1948)
Reformist Freedmen's Bureau superintendent replaced (1867)
Famous former slave dies at the hands of Indians (1871)
January 25
Death of "Cattle King" touches off family financial scandal (1919)
First church meeting in Texas (1834)
Lone Star heraldry (1839)
Isleño leader dies (1779)
January 26
Republic passes homestead law, sets aside land for education (1839)
Republic of Texas charters Houston and Brazos Rail Road (1839)
First piece of McDade pottery produced (1893)
Murphy earns Medal of Honor (1945)
January 27
Record-setting sharpshooter dies in San Antonio (1945)
Baseball legend Bibb Falk born in Austin (1899)
Episcopalians organize in Texas (1839)
San Jacinto fife player advertises his services as a music teacher (1838)
January 28
"Murder steer": Fine Gilliland kills Fort Davis cattleman (1891)
Catastrophic explosion kills Texas astronaut and her colleagues (1986)
First air-conditioned building west of the Mississippi? (1912)
Italian hero of San Jacinto arrives in Texas (1836)
January 29
Texas votes to secede (1861)
Rangers ambush Apaches at Hueco Tanks (1881)
Abolitionist receives controversial empresario contract (1844)
Future member of the Country Music Hall of Fame born in Texas (1908)
January 30
Lightnin' Hopkins dies (1982)
Englishman and future critic arrives in Texas (1840)
United States consul arrives in Matamoros (1862)
Carl Venth, violinist and composer dies (1938)
January 31
Brewmeister opens hotel and future landmark (1859)
Pecan shellers strike in San Antonio (1938)
Bullish town settles down (1899)
Grand jury indicts governor over disputed election results (1872)