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Day by Day Archive Month July

July 01
Angry soldiers burn Fredericksburg store, destroying early Gillespie County records (1850)
African-American bus franchise in Houston suburb is first in the South (1959)
Greatest manager in Texas League history born (1879)
July 02
Hood's Texas Brigade joins battle at Gettysburg (1863)
Ralphael O'Hara Lanier becomes first president of Texas Southern University (1948)
Convict and criminal-justice reformer paroled (1982)
July 03
Natural Bridge Caverns, largest in Texas, opens to public (1964)
Oldest public hospital in Texas opens (1884)
Generous curandero dies in South Texas (1907)
July 04
Convention considers annexation (1845)
Willie goes to Luckenbach for the Fourth of July (1995)
First train to Brownsville touches off Kingsville celebration (1904)
July 05
Margaret Borland dies of "trail fever" (1873)
Texas's first licensed pilot dies (1956)
Governor Pease launches Callahan expedition (1855)
July 06
Order of the Sons of Hermann founded (1861)
Wealthiest antebellum planter dies (1878)
Dr Pepper incorporates (1923)
Civil rights leader Lulu White dies (1957)
July 07
New port of Velasco officially opens (1891)
New republic staves off old adversary (1842)
Gritten keeps Gonzales loyal to Mexico (1835)
Border businesswoman attends ceremony at Big Bend National Park (1960)
July 08
Alfonso Steele, one of the last remaining San Jacinto veterans, dies (1911)
Mysterious fires in North Texas (1860)
Mundine proposes extending franchise to blacks and women (1868)
UT Board of Regents opens UTEP to African-American students (1955)
July 09
Spaniards found East Texas mission (1716)
Groundbreaking ceremony for veterans center (1948)
Lamar expresses good will to Chief Colita (1839)
July 10
San Antonio preservationist and architect dies (1964)
English writer leaves Texas (1844)
State's oldest public library chartered in Galveston (1900)
Spanish governor issues ordinance on cattle branding (1783)
July 11
Racial disturbance rocks Longview (1919)
Presidential candidate drowns in Galveston Bay (1838)
July 12
Transplanted Baylor College of Medicine opens in Houston (1943)
Chief Kicking Bird retires after fighting McClellan at the Little Wichita (1870)
July 13
Crusading "padrecito" dies (1956)
Mexican folk hero shoots Brownsville marshal (1859)
Texas government offers huge prize for eradicating long-nosed cotton pest (1903)
July 14
Hughes ends record-setting round-the-world flight in New York (1938)
New law authorizes sale of state land to finance education (1879)
SA&AP Railway enters receivership (1890)
July 15
Texans rout Cherokees in battle of the Neches (1839)
Texas Bar Association organized in Galveston (1882)
Unhappy colonists start "war" and evict Hedgcoxe (1852)
German-language paper founded in San Antonio (1865)
July 16
Texas, Oklahoma battle over bridge across the Red River (1931)
Officer begins adobe experiment at Fort Concho (1870)
Principal battle of Cherokee War begins (1839)
July 17
Alamo savior dies (1945)
Galveston physicians found medical society (1865)
Disgruntled colonists meet to discuss government abuses (1835)
July 18
Texas soldier fights heroically in France (1918)
State, city, and school reach settlement over Spanish archives (1972)
War Department mobilizes "T-Patchers" (1917)
July 19
Texas outlaw fatally wounded in robbery (1878)
T&P finally reaches Fort Worth, touching off celebration (1876)
St. Denis arrives at San Juan Bautista (1714)
Sam Houston relieves Edwin Moore of command of the Texas Navy (1843)
July 20
Meusebach resigns as Adelsverein commissioner (1847)
Legendary Texas architect dies (1982)
Texas boxer becomes first black world heavyweight champion (1910)
July 21
Sante Fe Expedition survivor dies (1884)
Notorious Texas outlaw born and dies (1851)
Spanish flag lowered for last time at San Antonio (1821)
July 22
Oldest newspaper in Panhandle debuts (1887)
Confederate general dies after famous last words (1861)
African-American civil rights advocate achieves ballot (1944)
July 23
Future film actress born in Houston (1895)
First woman game warden in Texas dies (1966)
Texas Bankers Association founded (1885)
July 24
World War I camp construction begins (1917)
Confederacy grows as Baylor defeats Yankees in Arizona and declares himself governor (1861)
Town of Kyle established (1880)
Theater pioneer dies (1955)
July 25
Texas enlistee dies heroically and is awarded Medal of Honor (1953)
Old Galveston lives again in restored Ashton Villa (1974)
First Odd Fellows lodge chartered in Texas (1838)
July 26
Sweethearts of the Cattle Trail Marry (1870)
Arthur Schott dies (1875)
Nolan Expedition goes on last Comanche raid in Texas (1877)
United States flag raised on Texas island (1845)
July 27
County government comes to a new area of the Panhandle (1888)
Civil rights activist denied vote in Harris County primary (1940)
July 28
First American matador debuts in Guadalajara (1908)
Riot flares in Dallas protest march (1973)
July 29
Eisenhower signs bill creating NASA (1958)
Fire-breathing preacher indicted for murder (1926)
July 30
Legendary frontier merchant dies (1902)
Governor removed from office for balking at Reconstruction (1867)
July 31
Pirate resigns as ruler of Galveston Island (1817)
Tarrant County Junior College founded (1965)