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Day by Day Archive Month March

March 01
Texas loses stagecoach mail and passenger service (1861)
Nature Conservancy buys Enchanted Rock (1978)
First president of Rice Institute retires (1946)
March 02
Semicentennial of Texas Independence celebrated (1886)
Texas declares independence from Mexico (1836)
Fifth Military district created by the First Reconstruction Act (1867)
March 03
Prominent black political leader dies (1898)
U.S. appoints its first diplomat to the Republic of Texas (1837)
Texas Regiment formed for duty in the Philippines (1899)
March 04
Texas Catholic history journal established (1987)
Black gold gushes in East Texas (1904)
Cactus Jack becomes vice president (1933)
March 05
Mexican Army captures San Antonio; Republic of Texas totters (1842)
Hill Country natural history authority dies in England (1929)
Richard Henry Boyd born into slavery (1843)
March 06
Alamo falls to Mexican army (1836)
Medal of Honor recipient's plane shot down (1944)
A jolly good barbecue (1954)
March 07
Globe of the Great Southwest groundbreaking (1958)
Bluebonnet proclaimed state flower (1901)
Earthquake! (1923)
March 08
Birthday of the "Paul Revere of the Texas Revolution" (1798)
Creuzbaur's brave plans for Sea King (1862)
Black traildriver born into slavery (1850)
March 09
Spanish expedition enters Texas (1707)
REA begins bringing electricity to rural Texas (1936)
State steps into sheep wars (1881)
March 10
First nursing school in Texas opens (1890)
New foundation formed for support of John Sealy Hospital (1922)
Explorer promises each Texan a silver mine (1756)
March 11
Pappy O'Daniel born in Ohio (1890)
Students enroll in first Texas college for blacks (1878)
New carbon black plant opens in Panhandle (1926)
March 12
Falvel given command of Flash (1836)
Rejected portrait of LBJ draws record crowd to Snyder museum (1967)
Galveston longshoremen strike (1920)
March 13
Future Texas publisher born in Tennessee (1857)
Fort Inge established on Texas frontier (1849)
Evangelist breaks with Southern Baptist Convention (1956)
March 14
Ruby found guilty (1964)
Wildcatter born in Lithuania (1874)
Group forms organization to honor trusty steeds (1940)
March 15
Big band leader born (1916)
Mexican army captures Texas Masonic soldier (1836)
Sensational court-martial convenes for Alamo hero's son (1856)
March 16
Indians attack San Sabá mission (1758)
Despite ranchhands' desperate rides, Panhandle cattleman dies of smallpox (1883)
Script writer and future Texan born in Chicago (1939)
March 17
Convention of 1836 breaks up in a hurry (1836)
First law school in Texas established (1855)
World-famous animal trapper born in Texas (1884)
March 18
Nearly three hundred die in New London school explosion (1937)
Galveston Methodists split along racial lines (1848)
Groce's plantation becomes temporary capital of Texas (1836)
March 19
Spanish priest and chronicler of Texas enters Franciscan order (1697)
Cherokee leader arrives in Mexico City seeking tribal land grant (1826)
Council House Fight irreparably damages Comanche-white relations (1840)
March 20
Scholar Harriet Smither dies (1955)
Legendary Texas yodeler silenced (1987)
Aguayo expedition enters Texas (1721)
March 21
First woman elected to state legislature dies (1966)
Preservationist and former Indian captive Rebecca Fisher dies (1926)
Famed mustanger and filibuster killed (1801)
March 22
First black state convention meets in Austin (1866)
March on Washington falters in desert (1894)
Texas Navy schooner seizes mercantile brig; friction with U.S. ensues (1836)
March 23
Fort Worth Stockyards incorporated (1893)
Higher education develops in Beaumont (1923)
Texas conductor leads farewell concert in Antwerp (1927)
March 24
Baylor honors president emeritus (1963)
Fort Worth jeweler weds poet (1912)
Mexican law invites Anglo colonists (1825)
March 25
Texas force decimated after black bean lottery (1843)
General Land Office gets new seal (1986)
Mexican raiders strike Texas ranch (1918)
March 26
Mexican raiders attack Nuecestown (1875)
Veterans found G.I. Forum (1948)
Battleship Texas continues outstanding service (1945)
March 27
Littlefield inaugurates Texas Relays at Memorial Stadium (1925)
Infamy at Goliad (1836)
Last Spanish governor of Texas appointed (1817)
March 28
Commander of "Kirby Smith's Confederacy" dies (1893)
Texas Confederates whipped in New Mexico (1862)
Confederate guerilla leader arrested by own side (1864)
March 29
Rebels defeat Spanish royalists (1813)
East Texas lake completed (1965)
Ann Raguet marries Robert Irion instead of Sam Houston (1840)
March 30
Secessionist paper founded in Marshall (1849)
German author of Wild West fiction dies (1912)
Congressional Reconstruction ends as Texas readmitted to Union (1870)
March 31
Cowpunchers' planned strike starts slow, then flops (1883)
Texas Mormon leader dies leading followers north (1858)
Newsweek chronicles decline of Texas steel town (1986)