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Day by Day Archive Month November

November 01
Burnet County powers up (1939)
Like joins like as Belle Starr marries horse thief Jim Reed (1866)
Blues queen born in Houston (1898)
November 02
Spanish diplomat dies of head injury (1779)
Voters ratify Better Schools Amendment (1920)
Cowboy poet goes home (1940)
November 03
Braniff Airlines incorporates (1930)
High bridge sees its dawn over the Sunset Route (1891)
Cotton Palace attendance peaks (1923)
November 04
Dance Queen is Born (1906)
Texas lumberman born (1836)
Texans engage Mexican force in battle of Lipantitlán (1835)
November 05
Johnny Horton dies (1960)
Bentsens move to Texas (1918)
Border between Texas and Louisiana declared Neutral Ground (1806)
November 06
Castaways begin amazing journey (1528)
Forerunner of Daughters of the Republic of Texas founded (1891)
Silver-tongued orator murdered in Rio Grande City (1906)
November 07
The Consultation takes a step toward the Texas Declaration of Independence (1835)
San Antonio lawman and folk painter expires (1902)
Two key Texas amendments passed (1972)
November 08
The circus comes to town! (1852)
Ferguson Forum begins publication (1917)
Cavalry column discovers German sisters in Cheyenne camp (1874)
November 09
Texas Institute of Letters holds first meeting (1936)
Oblate missionary begins final tour (1872)
Pioneer Texas inventor born in New York (1801)
November 10
Battle of Stone Houses (1837)
The President's Ranch Trail is dedicated to LBJ (1967)
Mexican War memoirist and rogue dies (1908)
November 11
East Texas church draws Daniel Parker's ire (1843)
Beales Colony leaves for Texas (1833)
World War I ends (1918)
First Austin women's literary club established (1890)
November 12
William Stallings becomes the first county agricultural agent in Texas (1906)
Texas Federation of Music Clubs organized (1915)
Diplomat and agriculturalist dies (1844)
Muleshoe Ranch brand registered (1860)
November 13
Karen Silkwood dies in mysterious crash (1974)
Texas preacher speaks of evils of intemperance (1855)
First black SWC football player is born in Groesbeck (1947)
"Chipita" sentenced to death (1863)
November 14
Cuero paper uncovers land fraud (1954)
Former congressman dies in Lufkin (1972)
Historic World War II pipelines sold (1947)
November 15
Woman cattle rancher born in San Antonio (1901)
Santa Anna's policies lead to abortive invasion of Tampico (1835)
"Great Captain" of the rangers retires (1906)
Lorenzo de Zavala dies (1836)
November 16
South Texas Chamber of Commerce formed (1926)
Republic of Texas signs its last Indian treaty (1845)
Colorful lawman Jess Sweeten dies in Athens (1980)
November 17
Texas cattlemen propose National Trail (1884)
Tick fever helps end cattle-trailing era despite ranchers' efforts (1884)
Ohioans come to the aid of Texas with "Twin Sisters" (1835)
Delta Drilling Company founded (1931)
November 18
National Women's Conference begins in Houston (1977)
Cavalry column launched against Panhandle Indians (1868)
Charles Morgan introduces steamship service to Texas (1837)
Wharton promoted to brigadier general (1862)
November 19
Houston joins church (1854)
Mormons arrive in Texas (1845)
World War I Medal of Honor recipient dies (1979)
November 20
Secretary of State recommends republic grant copyrights (1837)
Texas heroes at Tarawa (1943)
Texas writer confronts SMU isolationists (1941)
Alleged attack on Fort Ringgold draws machine-gun fire (1899)
November 21
Robertson party sets out from Tennessee to explore Leftwich grant (1825)
McMurry College charter signed (1921)
Hispanic women's organization founded (1987)
Thin Gravy, christened with milk, becomes Truman (1945)
November 22
Stephen F. Austin hires builder (1821)
Austin College incorporated (1849)
"Father of Houston Heights" dies (1933)
President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas (1963)
November 23
Sid Richardson Collection of Western Art opens in Fort Worth (1982)
Park with seventy-foot-high sand dunes opens to public (1957)
Self-styled Baron de Bastrop born in Dutch Guiana (1759)
Houston surgeon performs first successful coronary artery bypass (1964)
November 24
Republic of Texas authorizes Texas Rangers (1835)
Antisocialist newspaper publisher born in Ohio (1878)
Boles Home opens its doors (1924)
"King of Ragtime" born (1868)
November 25
Texas gives up nonexistent New Mexico counties (1850)
Last recorded flight to Johnson's Ranch (1943)
First Texas Navy created (1835)
Edward House meets presidential candidate Woodrow Wilson (1911)
November 26
Legislature replaces Alton (pop. 1) as Denton County seat (1850)
Philandering tycoon finds new El Dorado in East Texas (1930)
Kuykendall family enters Texas (1821)
Texans win Grass Fight (1835)
November 27
Economy Furniture strike begins in Austin (1968)
Texas Presbytery organized at Sumner Bacon's home (1837)
Distinguished Texas conductor dies on his birthday (1976)
Hispanic Texan earns Medal of Honor (1944)
November 28
Texas home for Confederate veterans chartered (1884)
Screwmen protest hiring of African Americans (1882)
Gideon Lincecum dies (1874)
Military historian Slam Marshall joins the army (1917)
November 29
A founder of Methodism in Texas crosses into the republic (1838)
Eugene Routh resigns as editor of the Baptist Standard (1927)
Newspaper publisher authorized to outfit privateers (1835)
Spanish military tribunal convicts cartographer (1811)
November 30
Time magazine celebrates ecumenical "love in Corpus Christi" (1935)
Texas general dies with his men in disastrous battle (1864)
Memoirist John H. Jenkins killed in gunfight (1890)
Sam Houston welcomes David Burke to Texas (1835)