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Day by Day Archive Month October

October 01
General Land Office opens (1837)
Quicksilver mine goes bust (1942)
The Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville houses its first prisoner (1849)
October 02
Texas Revolution begins at Gonzales (1835)
Trials leading to Great Hanging at Gainesville begin (1862)
Lost Battalion shipped to Singapore (1942)
October 03
Joiner becomes "Dad" of East Texas Oilfield (1930)
Japanese colony honored (1982)
General joins ranks with artist (1843)
October 04
Texas hero falls at Battery Robinett (1862)
Smallpox breaks out in Laredo (1898)
Thomas S. Gathright takes charge of new A&M College (1876)
October 05
Hall for freethinkers burns down in Waco (1889)
Dallas Health Museum opens (1946)
Janis Joplin dies (1970)
October 06
Clyde Littlefield, future UT coach, born in Pennsylvania (1892)
Freethinker whipped in Bell County (1877)
Reuben Ross shoots Ben McCulloch in duel (1839)
October 07
Indians defeat Spanish force on Red River (1759)
Freedmen's Bureau agent is assassinated (1868)
Alamo survivor dies (1883)
October 08
Witte Memorial Museum opens (1926)
Filibusters captured at La Bahía (1821)
Liberty Gazette announces Shakespeare reading by Ada Bertha Théodore (1855)
October 09
Houston Direct Navigation Company chartered (1866)
Legendary West Texas historian dies (1995)
Governor imposes martial law on Freestone County (1871)
October 10
First Bloys Camp Meeting held in Big Bend region (1890)
First issue of Telegraph and Texas Register published (1835)
Salt War turns bloody (1877)
October 11
Kiowa chief commits suicide (1878)
Texas Woman's Fair begins in Houston (1915)
Yellow fever claims gubernatorial candidate (1847)
October 12
UT president lambastes Board of Regents at faculty meeting (1944)
Future publisher joins Galveston News as office boy (1874)
Prolific tunesmith honored in hall of fame (1980)
October 13
Voters overwhelmingly approve annexation (1845)
New Orleans Greys assemble in historic meeting (1835)
Alexander Gregg consecrated first Episcopal bishop of Texas (1859)
October 14
Inventor and early settler born in Norway (1843)
Frustrated ex-ranger killed when he smashes his malfunctioning rifle against rock (1867)
October 15
Hearst hosts New York benefit for Galveston orphans (1900)
Texas native given command of both American air forces in England (1943)
Emmett Scott appointed to reduce racial tension (1917)
First state Sängerfest held in New Braunfels (1853)
October 16
Pan American Round Table founded in San Antonio (1916)
Attempt to kidnap alleged Union spy fails (1861)
On Texas soil, presidents meet for the first time (1909)
October 17
Sam Houston issues passport (1844)
President Lamar and cabinet arrive in new capital of Austin (1839)
Texans found first black police organization in the country (1935)
October 18
Follower of Mexican anarchist causes train crash (1915)
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant begins production (1942)
Cowboy detective dies in California (1928)
October 19
League of Women Voters of Texas organized in San Antonio (1919)
Earliest known explorer carves name in Devil's Sinkhole (1889)
Presidents of U.S. and Mexico dedicate International Falcon Reservoir (1953)
October 20
In letter to king of Spain, Coronado is first to describe Llano Estacado (1541)
Community leader foresees her own death (1874)
Aaron Burr acquitted of charge of treason (1807)
October 21
Robert McKee, El Paso contractor, dies (1964)
New oil well starts Ranger boom (1917)
First bank in Texas founded (1822)
October 22
Death of Lady Bird's father (1960)
Chaos wanes as Houston administration replaces ad interim government (1836)
Students riot at Waller Creek (1969)
October 23
First Texas Cavalry, USA, embarks on Rio Grande campaign (1863)
Abilene replaces Buffalo Gap as seat of Taylor County (1883)
Plane crashes into religious shrine (1970)
October 24
Austin African-American colleges merge (1952)
Llanos-Cárdenas expedition begins mapping Matagorda Bay (1690)
Pioneer German authors killed by Indians (1845)
October 25
"Star Trek" creator beamed from Earth (1991)
Texas State Fair opens in Dallas (1886)
Up-and-down entrepreneur Franklin Shaeffer dies (1886)
October 26
Camp Gates established in Coryell County (1849)
First football game played at Cotton Bowl (1930)
Texas native dies in heroic action (1944)
October 27
Pride of Galveston launched in Scotland (1877)
Company chartered to connect Texas and Brazil by rail (1891)
Pioneering panoramic photographer dies (1986)
October 28
Battle of Concepción ignites siege of Bexar (1835)
German newspaper ceases publication (1945)
Chamizal Dispute finally settled (1967)
October 29
Father of conjunto born in Reynosa (1911)
State legislature receives proposal for Indian reservation (1853)
Colorado City-Snyder route inaugurates intercity bus service in Texas (1907)
October 30
Compromise bill establishes five Texas wilderness areas (1984)
Food merchant Crone Furr dies in Amarillo (1946)
San Antonio declares Ellen S. Quillin Day (1960)
October 31
Military commander removes Texas Supreme Court justice (1869)
Gulf Coast promoter and inventor dies (1893)
Leading black politician dies (1882)