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Caldwell Memorial Awards

The following PDF documents contain information about the current contest and the required registration form:

Contest InformationAcrobat PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader

Registration FormAcrobat PDF file, requires Acrobat Reader

Entry deadline for the 2015 contest is January 23, 2015.


C. M. Caldwell Memorial Awards
For Excellence in History
2014 Recipients

Lower Division:
1st Place - Adolfo (AJ) Carrillo - San Jacinto College - South - John Henry Faulk: A Symbol for Constitutional Rights
2nd Place - Elyse Coleman - Northeast Texas Community College - Texans Loved the Railroads
3rd Place - Kayleah Cumpain - Northeast Texas Community College - Wright Patman: Twentieth Century Populist
4th Place - Philip Rask - San Jacinto College - South - The Texas Water Safari

Upper Division:
1st Place - Katie Hinton - McMurry University - Time in Stitches: Quilting in Floyd County
2nd Place - Ashley Dandridge - McMurry University - Black Education in Hamlin, Texas: Early Years to Integration
3rd Place - Alejandra Garza - Texas A & M University - Kingsville - From Worker to Legend: 
The Evolution of the Vaquero in Jim Hogg County

4th Place - Katherine Nicholson - Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi - Angelina Belle Eberly

Graduate Division:
1st Place - Ava Purkiss - The University of Texas at Austin - Economy, Energy, and Neatness: Black Texan Women
Professionals and Home Economics Training, 1930 - 1950

2nd Place - Karen Wisley - The University of North Texas - The Village Station Arrests: Stonewall Done the Dallas Way

Chapter Project:
Jacksonville College

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