Handbook Entry Author Agreement Form

If you are an author and you are considering writing entries for the Handbook of Texas then you must review and submit this form. All fields are required.

Author Agreement Form

This Agreement (the "Agreement") is made by and between the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) and on for the contribution of the Author to the Handbook of Texas Online project (the "Handbook").

Author is hereby commissioned to write the following Entry for the Handbook:

Author agrees to prepare the Entry in accordance with the contributor guidelines. In the event of any direct conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the contributor guidelines, this Agreement shall govern and control.

Author agrees that the Entry will be .

The deadline for submission of the Entry is three months from the assigned Date. If the Author is unable to meet this deadline, the Author may seek an extension from the Handbook. However, if the Author is unable to complete the entry within an additional three months, the Handbook reserves the right to reassign the Entry.

Author understands that the Entry will be subject to revisions by the editorial staff of the Handbook, and Author agrees to respond within the time specified by the editorial staff to proposed revisions and editorial queries. Author agrees that the Handbook shall have final editorial discretion on the format and the appearance of the Entry, including without limitation: captions, headings, bibliography, citation; media, updates and other supplementary material.

Author understands, acknowledges, and agrees that the Entry shall be owned solely and exclusively by the TSHA pursuant to the copyright laws of the United States, as amended or any similar or analogous law or statute of any other jurisdiction and accordingly, TSHA or its assignee shall be the sole and exclusive owner for all purposes including, without limitation, distribution, publication, exhibition, advertising, and exploitation of the Entry or any part of it in all media and by all means without accounting to the Author.

TSHA shall also have the right, but not the obligation, to use Author's name for the distribution, publication, exhibition, or advertising of the Entry or any part of it. Author waives throughout the world the benefit of any law, doctrine or principle known as "Droit Moral" or "moral rights of authors" or any similar law, doctrine, or principal however denominated.

Author warrants that Author has the authority to grant the rights herein and further warrants that the Entry created, added, and/or or otherwise contributed by Author pursuant to this Agreement is wholly original with Author and no part thereof is taken from, based upon, or adapted from any other material, or program (other than material fully cleared by Author or in the public domain) and the full use of the Entry, or any part thereof, as herein granted will not in any way violate or infringe upon any copyright belonging to any person or entity or constitute a libel or defamation of, or an invasion of the rights of privacy of or otherwise violate or infringe upon any other right or rights whatsoever of any person or entity. Upon request, Author shall provide to TSHA any and all clearances.