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Dr. Andrés Tijerina, a native of Ozona, earned his Bachelor's degree from Texas A & M University, Master's from Texas Tech, and Doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin. Following teaching stints at Tech, UT Austin, UT San Antonio, and Texas A & M - Kingsville, Dr. Tijerina joined the faculty of ACC and serves with distinction as Professor of History at the Pinnacle Campus.

Dr. Tijerina is the author of Tejanos and Texas Under the Mexican Flag and Tejano Empire: Life on the South Texas Ranchos. He edited Andrés Saenz's Early Tejano Ranching in Duval County and co-edited Elena Zamora O'Shea's novel entitled El Mesquite. All four works are available through A & M University Press. Organizations such as the Sons of the Republic of Texas, the Texas State Historical Association, and the Texas Historical Commission have officially recognized the significance of such works with the Presidio La Bahía Award, the Kate Broocks Bates Award, and the T. R. Fehrenbach Award.

Dr. Tijerina is a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association and an active presenter to gatherings of historians throughout the state. His writings have appeared as chapters, articles, and book reviews in journals ranging from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly to the American Historical Review.


Tejanos and Texas Under the Mexican Flag, 1821-1836

Historians have amply recorded the battles and the Anglo-Americans' military, economic, and political domination of the Mexican lands after 1836. But few studies have documented the reverse flow in the interchange while Anglo and Mexican co-existed under the Mexican flag in the previous years. Andrés Tijerina's book, focusing on Texas between 1821 and 1836, provides background facts for a better understanding of the exchange of land, power, culture, and social institutions that took place between the Anglo-American frontier and the Hispanic frontier during those critical years. To be sure, the dramatic shift in land and resources greatly affected the Mexican, but it had its effect on the Anglo American as well. After the 1820s, many of the Anglo-American pioneers changed from buckskin-clad farmers to cattle ranchers who wore boots and "cowboy" hats. They learned to ride heavy Mexican saddles mounted on horses taken from the wild mustang herds of Texas. They drove great herds of longhorns north and westward, spreading the Mexican life-style and ranch economy as they went. With the cattle ranch went many words, practices, and legal principles that had been developed long before by the native Mexicans of Texas--the Tejanos. In this book, Andrés Tijerina documents the two-way cultural exchange in the years under the Mexican flag. It describes the basic institutions of Tejano life and culture, and it documents their transmission to the Anglo-American frontier. The work is a foundation for the study of the early Mexican-American culture in Texas and its influence on Texans of all ethnic backgrounds.
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