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Pioneer Woman Educator: The Progressive Spirit of Annie Webb Blanton

In this biography of Texas educator Annie Webb Blanton (1870-1945), author Cottrell traces Blanton's rise from teaching in a rural schoolroom in Pine Springs, Texas, to her service as the state's top administrator of public schools and, subsequently, her tenure as a professor of education at the University of Texas. Drawing on archives and interviews with Blanton's surviving relatives and associates, Cottrell depicts Blanton's devotion to Texas schools and to the professionalism of women and analyzes her success in professional and state politics. She places Blanton's accomplishments within the context of Progressive-era reform and of gender issues as they defined and contributed to her work.
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Handbook Entries

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Arnold, June Fairfax Davis Author
Barry, Maggie Wilkins Hill Author
Beretta, Sallie Ward Author
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Billingsley, Virginia Catherine Shaw Author
Blanton, Annie Webb Author
Brinker, Maureen Catherine Connolly Author
Bulkley, Myrtle Bales Author
Burleson, Emma Kyle Author
Burnett, Mary Couts Author
Butt, Florence Thornton Author
Casis, Lilia Mary Author
Clanton, Cleora Author
Cohron, Lenore [Leonora Corona] Author
Cravens, Kathryn Cochran Author
Curtis, Doris S. Malkin Author
Daniel, Ruby Kathryn Author
Daniel, Vara Faye Martin Author
DeGolyer, Nell Virginia Goodrich Author
Dirks, Frances Garrett Valentine Author
Dorsey, Emily Mildred Author
Ellis, Mary Heard Author
Esperson, Mellie Keenan Author
Fairchild, Marguerite Gibson Shearer Author
Farabee, Helen Jane Rehbein Author
Fenwick, Marin B. Author
Fitzgerald, Alice Martha Parsons Author
Fox, Ruth Author
Gebauer, Dorothy Louise Author
Gibson, Jewel Henson Author
Gilliland, Maude Truitt Author
Glasscock, Lucille Freeman Author
Godbold, Mollie Moore Author
Governor's Commission For Women Author
Green, Edward Howland Robinson Author
Green, Hetty Howland Robinson Author
Guinan, Mary Louise Cecilia [Texas] Author
Hanna, Sallie Little Author
Hargrave, Helen Author
Home Demonstration Author
Hopkins, May Agness Author
Hughs, Fannie May Barbee Author
Jacoby, Florence Rabe Author
Johnson, Siddie Joe Author
Keiller, Violet Hannah Author
Kleberg, Helen Campbell Author
Krusen, Ursula M. Leden Author
Lawn, TX Author
Leavell, Marie Author
Lindhe, Vin Author
Maffett, Minnie Lee Author
Mangold, Anna Honeck Author
Marrs, Ina Caddell Author
Martinez, Faustina Porras Author
Miller, Mary E. Buford Author
National Women's Conference, 1977 Author
National Women's Football League Author
Nelson, Julia Bullard Author
O'Hair, Mary McClellan Author
Parker, Clara May Author
Pinckney, Pauline A. Author
Purcell, Mabelle Agnes Umland Author
Resnik, Judith Arlene Author
Roberts, Alice Bryan Author
Roberts, Luvenia Conway Author
Robertson, Ruby Gardner Author
Sanger, Fannie Fechenbach Author
Short, Besa Author
Sobieski, Carol O'Brien Author
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Taylor, Bride Neill Author
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Texas Association Opposed To Woman Suffrage Author
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Texas Women's Political Caucus Author
Thompson, Helen Kerr Author
Tierney, Gene Author
Tilley, Nannie May Author
Tobin, Margaret Lynn Batts Author
Werlin, Rosella Horowitz Author
Whitehouse, Eula Author
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Wooten, Mattie Lloyd Irvin Author

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