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Handbook Entries

Title Contributor Type
Aberdeen, TX (Collingsworth County) Author
Abert, James William Author
Abilene and Northern Railway Author
Abra, TX Author
Abraham, Nahim Author
Acme Tap Railroad Author
Adair, John George Author
Adobe Walls, First Battle of Author
Adobe Walls, TX Author
Adrian, TX Author
Ady, TX Author
Alanreed, TX Author
Allison, TX (Wheeler County) Author
Amarillo, TX Author
Anderson, Hattie Mabel Author
Archambeau, Ernest R. Author
Arney, TX Author
Arrington, George Washington Author
Ashtola, TX Author
Aten, Calvin Grant Author
Aten, Edwin Dunlap Author
Aten, Ira Author
Ayr, TX Author
Back, TX Author
Bairfield, Wintfry Author
Baker, Benjamin M. Author
Bar 96 Ranch Author
Barton, D. Wilborn [Doc] Author
Belco, TX Author
Belle Plain, TX (Moore County) Author
Benonine, TX Author
Big Bow Author
Big Die-Up Author
Big Square, TX Author
Bippus, TX Author
Bivins, Lee Author
Black Horse [Tu-Ukumah] Author
Black, TX Author
Blanco Canyon, Battle of Author
Blasdel, Eugene Sherwood Author
Blocker, Abner Pickens Author
Blocker, John Rufus Author
Blocker, William Butler Author
Boice, Henry S. Author
Boise, TX Author
Booker, TX Author
Bootleg, TX Author
Borger, Asa Phillip Author
Borger, TX Author
Born, Henry Author
Bovina, TX Author
Box T Ranch Author
Boyce, Albert Gallatin Author
Boydston, TX Author
Brainard, Edward Henry Author
Brice, TX Author
Briscoe County Author
Briscoe, TX Author
Brown, Montague Kingsmill Author
Brownfield, Marion Virgil Author
Browning, James Nathan Author
Buckler, Cecil Victor Payne Author
Buffalo Wallow Fight Author
Bugbee, Thomas Sherman Author
Buler, TX Author
Bunavista, TX Author
Buried City Author
Burnett, Thomas Lloyd Author
Bush, William Henry Author
Bushland, TX Author
Cactus Ordnance Works Author
Cactus, TX (Moore County) Author
Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Author
Campbell, Henry Harrison Author
Canadian River Expedition Author
Canadian, TX Author
Canyon, TX (Randall County) Author
Caprock Canyons State Park Author
Carbon Black Industry Author
Carey, TX Author
Carhart, Edward Elmer Author
Carhart, John Wesley Author
Carhart, Lewis Henry Author
Carr, Eugene Asa Author
Carter, James W. Author
Cataline, TX Author
Cator, James Hamilton Author
Cawthon, Peter Willis Author
Cedar Valley Land and Cattle Company Author
Center Plains, TX Author
Central Nazarene College Author
Chaffee, Adna Romanza Author
Chapman, Amos Author
Charlton, John B. Author
Childress, TX Author
Chipley, TX Author
Choctaw, Oklahoma and Texas Railroad Author
Christian, James Terrill Author
Ciboleros Author
Clarendon College Author
Clarendon, TX Author
Claude, TX Author
Clay's Corner, TX Author
Claytonville, TX (Swisher County) Author
Clear Creek, TX (Hemphill County) Author
Cliffside, TX Author
Coble, William Thomas Author
Coburn, James M. Author
Codman, TX Author
Coldwater, TX (Dallam County) Author
Coldwater, TX (Sherman County) Author
Coltexo, TX Author
Comancheros Author
Cone, Stephen Elsemere Author
Conejero Indians Author
Conlen, TX Author
Connell and Eubank Ranches Author
Conner, Lincoln Guy Author
Continental Land and Cattle Company Author
Conway, TX Author
Cook, Jim Author
Copper Breaks State Park Author
Cornette, James Percival Author
Cousins, Robert Bartow Author
Cowden Ranch Author
Cowden, William Henry Author
Cree, Thomas Boger Author
Cresswell Ranch Author
Cresswell, Henry Whiteside Author
Cresswell, TX Author
Crudgington, Jonathan Wilford Author
Curtis, William Riley Author
Cuyler, TX Author
Dalhart Army Air Field Author
Dalhart, TX Author
Dallam County Author
Darrouzett, TX Author
Davidson, John Wynn Author
Dawn, TX Author
Deaf Smith County Author
Deal, TX Author
Deep Lake, TX Author
Denworth, TX Author
Dial, TX (Hutchinson County) Author
Diamond M Museum Author
Diamond Tail Ranch Author
Dimmitt, TX Author
Dixon Creek (Carson County) Author
Dixon, Olive King Author
Dodd, TX Author
Dodson, TX (Collingsworth County) Author
Dohasan Author
Dominion, TX Author
Donley County Author
Donley, Stockton P. Author
Dow, James Lorenzo Author
Dozier, TX Author
Dreyfoos, TX Author
Dubbs, Emanuel Author
Duflot, Joseph Leo Author
Dumas, TX (Moore County) Author
Dunn, James Harold Author
Dunn, Robert Franklin Author
Dyer, Leigh Richmond Author
East, James H. Author
Easter, TX Author
Eastland, Wichita Falls and Gulf Railroad Author
Eaton, Nick T. Author
Edwards, Ross Author
Electric City, TX Author
Elfco, TX Author
Eli, TX Author
Elmore, TX Author
Enid, Ochiltree and Western Railroad Author
Estacado and Gulf Railroad Author
Estelline, TX Author
Etter, TX Author
Evans, John F. [Spade] Author
Exell Helium Plant Author
Exell, TX Author
Fairview, TX (Armstrong County) Author
Farnsworth, TX Author
Farwell, TX (Hansford County) Author
Farwell, TX (Parmer County) Author
Fires, Amos J. Author
Flagg, TX Author
Floyd County Author
Follett, TX Author
Ford, TX Author
Fort Concho National Historic Landmark Author
Fort Griffin State Historic Site Author
Fort Phantom Hill Author
Four Sixes Ranch Author
Four Way, TX Author
Francklyn Land and Cattle Company Author
Fresno, TX (Collingsworth County) Author
Friona, TX Author
Fritch, TX Author
Frye, Henry Author
Frying Pan Ranch Author
Funk, Dorrance Wilhelm Author
Fuqua, Henry Earl Author
Fuqua, Wiley Holder Author
Gageby, TX Author
Garlinghouse, Esther C. Jonsson Author
Gasoline, TX Author
Gaylord, TX Author
Gazelle, TX Author
Gem, TX Author
Gerlach, George Author
Gerlach, John J. Author
German Sisters Author
Gewhitt, TX Author
Giles, TX (Donley County) Author
Glazier, TX Author
Glenrio, TX Author
Goodnight Ranch Author
Goodnight, Charles Author
Goodnight, TX (Armstrong County) Author
Gordon-Cumming, Charles Lenox Author
Gough, Lysius Author
Gould, Charles Newton Author
Graham, Malcolm Kintner Author
Grass-Lease Fight Author
Great West Mill and Elevator Company Author
Gregg, Josiah Author
Grey Beard Author
Grogan, TX Author
Groom, B. B. Author
Groom, TX Author
Guleke, James O. Author
Gutiérrez de Humana, Antonio Author
Hale, Charles Haynes Author
Half Circle K Ranch Author
Hall, Warren D. C. Author
Hamblen, Carl Stuart Author
Hamblen, William Henry Author
Hansford County Author
Happy, TX Author
Harrell, Edward Dow Author
Harrington Regional Medical Center Author
Hart, TX Author
Hartley, TX Author
Hashknife Ranch Author
Hat Ranch Author
Hawk, Wilbur Clayton Author
Heald, TX Author
Heatly, William S. Author
Hedley, TX Author
Hereford, TX Author
Herring, Cornelius Taylor Author
Herring, TX Author
Higgins, TX Author
High Plains Underground Water Conservation District Author
Hill, Grover B. Author
Hill, Joseph Abner Author
Hoover, Harvey Edgar Author
Hoover, TX (Gray County) Author
Hopkins, William Harlen Author
Houston, Temple Lea Author
Howardwick, TX Author
Howe, Eugene Alexander Author
Hoyt, Henry Franklin Author
Hub, TX Author
Hubbard, Bess Bigham Author
Hudspeth, Mary Elizabeth Author
Hulver, TX Author
Hunter, Cecil Author
Huntoon, TX Author
Huselby, Mark Author
Hutchinson County Author
Hutson, Lee John Author
Isaacs Brothers Author
Isom, TX Author
Izzard, Wesley Sherman Author
JA Ranch Author
Jeffry, TX Author
Jericho, TX Author
Jines, TX Author
Johnson, Andrew Author
Johnson, W. A. Author
Jones, Carolyn Sue Author
Kaffir, TX (Swisher County) Author
Kellerville, TX Author
Kelso, TX Author
Kelton, TX Author
Kerrick, TX Author
Key-No Ranch Author
Kinchen, Oscar Arvle Author
Kinder, TX Author
Kings Mill, TX Author
Kiowa Apache Indians Author
Kirkland, TX Author
Knox County Author
Knox, Buddy Wayne Author
Kress, TX Author
L'archevêque, Sostenes Author
La Plata, TX Author
Lake Colorado City State Recreation Park Author
Lake Tanglewood, TX Author
Laketon, TX Author
Lakeview, TX (Hall County) Author
Lakeview, TX (Parmer County) Author
Landergin Brothers Author
Landergin, TX Author
Lariat, TX Author
Lark, TX Author
Laurel Leaf Ranch Author
Lazbuddie, TX Author
LE Ranch Author
Lefors, TX Author
Lela, TX Author
Lelia Lake, TX Author
Leonard, Frederick J. Author
Lesley, TX Author
Lewis, William Jenks Author
Lillie, TX Author
Limita Indians Author
Lipscomb, TX Author
LIT Ranch Author
Loco, TX Author
Lone Wolf Author
Long, Stephen Harriman Author
Lovett, Henry Bell Author
Lowery-Phillips School Author
Lutie, TX Author
LX Ranch Author
Lyman's Wagontrain Author
Mabry, William S. Author
Mackenzie State Recreation Area Author
Madden, Squire H. Author
Maedgen, Charles Ernest Author
Magenta, TX Author
Magic City, TX Author
Malden, TX Author
Maldonado, Rodrigo Author
Mallet Ranch Author
Maman-Ti Author
Mantell, Dutch Author
Marilla, TX Author
Marsh, Stanley Author
Mashed O Ranch [#1] Author
Mashed O Ranch [#2] Author
Masterson, Robert Benjamin Author
Masterson, TX Author
Maxey, James Barney Author
McAllister, Jordan Edgar Author
McBride, David Nichols Author
McCarty, Henry Author
McCarty, John Lawton Author
McGee, John Vernon Author
McGee, Thomas T. Author
McIlroy, Sherman D. Author
McKanna, Edith Whatley Author
McKibben, TX Author
McLaughlin, Clarence Thurston Author
McLean, TX Author
Mead, Ben Carlton Author
Meldavis, TX Author
Memphis, TX Author
Mendota, TX Author
Mercy Academy Author
Meredith, Alson A. Author
Meridian Junior College Author
Miami, TX Author
Midway, TX (Hemphill County) Author
Milo Center, TX Author
Mobeetie, TX Author
Moody, Robert Author
Moore, William C. Author
Morgan, Joseph Author
Morrison Brothers Author
Mow-Way Author
Muleshoe Ranches Author
New Zealand Sheep Company Author
Newlin, TX Author
Nobles, Millard Clinton Author
Noelette, TX Author
Norfleet, James Franklin Author
North Fork of the Red River Author
North Fork of the Red River, Battle of the Author
North Texas and Santa Fe Railway Author
Notla, TX Author
Nunn, John Lindsay Author
Nunn, Joseph Elbert Author
Nutt, Grady Lee Author
O Bar O Ranch Author
O'Laughlin, Thomas Author
Ochiltree, TX Author
Ogg, TX Author
Oil City, TX (Hutchinson County) Author
Oklahoma Lane, TX Author
Ontario, TX Author
OS Ranch Author
Oslo, TX Author
OX Ranch Author
Padilla, Juan de Author
Pakan, TX Author
Palo Duro Canyon State Scenic Park Author
Paloduro, TX Author
Pampa Army Air Field Author
Pampa, TX Author
Panhandle Railway Author
Panhandle Stock Association Author
Panhandle, TX Author
Pantex Author
Parmerton, TX Author
Parnell, TX (Hall County) Author
Parnell, TX (Roberts County) Author
Parra-O-Coom Author
Pastores Author
Patman, TX Author
Pearl, TX (Collingsworth County) Author
Pecos and Northern Texas Railway Author
Perico, TX Author
Perryton, TX Author
Phillips, Jacob Rice Author
Phillips, TX Author
Pierle, Chester Arthur Author
Plaska, TX Author
Pleasant Valley, TX (Hall County) Author
Plemons, TX Author
Plemons, William Buford Author
Plummer, Joseph H. Author
Plymouth, TX Author
PO Ranch Author
Poe, John William Author
Pope Ranch, TX Author
Posey, Walter Samson Author
Post, Gaines Author
Potter County Author
Powell, William Author
Powers, Evelyn Gass Author
Prairie Cattle Company Author
Pratt, Richard Henry Author
Pullman, TX Author
Quail, TX Author
Quarter Circle Heart Ranch Author
Quarter Circle T Ranch Author
Quarton, TX Author
Quitaque Ranch Author
Quitaque, TX Author
Ramsdell, TX Author
Randall County Author
Rath, Charles Author
Record, TX Author
Reynolds Presbyterian College Author
Rhea, TX Author
Ritchie, James Wadsworth Author
RO Ranch Author
Robertson, Andrew Briggs Author
Rocking Chair Ranch Author
Rolla, TX Author
Romero, Casimero Author
Romero, TX Author
Rowe, Alfred Author
Rowe, TX Author
Roxana, TX Author
Rudolph, Charles Francis Author
Ruffner Survey Author
S Bar T Ranch Author
Salisbury, TX Author
Samnorwood, TX Author
San Jacinto Heights Author
Sanborn, Henry Bradley Author
Sanford and Northern Railway Author
Sanford, James McEuin Author
Sanford, TX Author
Sawyer, Monroe Brown Author
Schneider, Alexander Author
Scissors Ranch Author
Seven K Ranch Author
Shamrock, TX Author
Shaw, Jim Author
Shelton, John M. Author
Sher-Han, TX Author
Shoe Bar Ranch Author
Shoe Nail Ranch Author
Signal Hill, TX Author
Silverton, TX Author
Simms, TX (Deaf Smith County) Author
Simpson, George Allen Author
Singer, George Washington Author
Skellytown, TX Author
Slaughter, John Bunyan Author
Slaughter, Robert Lee Author
Slaughter, William Baxter Author
Smith, John Lee Author
SMS Ranches Author
Sneed, Joseph Tyre, Jr. Author
Snyder, John Wesley Author
Soncy, TX Author
Southwood, James Edward Author
Spade Ranch Author
Spearman, TX Author
Springer Ranch Author
Stamford and Northwestern Railroad Author
Stangel, Wenzel Louis Author
Stevens, TX Author
Stinnett, Albert Sidney Author
Stinnett, TX Author
Stocking, Jerome Daniel Author
Stratford, TX Author
Studer, Julius Caesar Author
Summerfield, John S. Author
Summerfield, TX (Castro County) Author
Sunnyside, TX (Castro County) Author
Sunray, TX Author
T Anchor Ranch Author
Tafoya, Jose Piedad Author
Tandy, Anne Valliant Burnett Author
Taylor, Jay Author
Tehan Author
Tell, TX (Childress County) Author
Tell, TX (Hall County) Author
Texas Land and Cattle Company Author
Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation Author
Texas Press Women Author
Texhoma, TX Author
Texline, TX Author
Texroy, TX Author
Teya Indians Author
Thompson, Charles Collins Author
Thompson, May Esther Peterson Author
Thornton, Ward A. [Tex] Author
Thut, Henry Author
Timbercreek Canyon, TX Author
Timmons, Bascom Nolley Author
Timms City, TX Author
Torrey, Ellsworth Author
Trementina Indians Author
Trujillo, TX Author
Tulia, TX Author
Turkey Track Ranch Author
Turner, Thomas Fontaine Author
Twichell, TX Author
Twitty, TX Author
Tyler, Stanley Cushing Author
Tyng, George Author
Umbarger, TX Author
Vega, TX Author
Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Amarillo Author
Vigo Park, TX Author
Wade, Franklin Alton Author
Waggoner Ranch Author
Wake, TX Author
Wallace, Ernest Author
Ware, Benjamin Taliaferro Author
Ware, Richard Clayton Author
Ware, TX Author
Warner, Phebe Kerrick Author
Warner, William Arthur Author
Washburn, TX Author
Way, TX Author
Wayside, TX (Armstrong County) Author
Weatherly, TX Author
Wellington, TX Author
Wesco, TX Author
Western Land and Livestock Company Author
Westway, TX Author
Weymouth, Chanslor Edmond Author
Wheeler, Royal T. Author
Wheeler, TX Author
Whipple, Amiel Weeks Author
White Deer, TX Author
White Horse Author
Whiteface, TX Author
Whiteley, TX Author
Whittenburg, James Andrew Author
Whittenburg, TX Author
Wichita Falls and Southern Railroad Author
Wichita Falls and Southern Railway Author
Wichita Falls, Ranger and Fort Worth Railroad Author
Wilcox, TX (Gray County) Author
Wildorado, TX Author
Willingham, Caleb Berg [Cape] Author
Willis, Frank Author
Winchester Quarantine Author
Woodman, W. H. Author
Wyche, TX Author
XIT Ranch Author
Yamparika Indians Author
Yellow House Canyon, Battle of Author
Young, Robert Ralph Author
Zita, TX Author
Zybach, TX Author

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