Homero S. Vera

Premont, TX


Homero S. Vera is the Chief Ranch Property Officer for the Kenedy Memorial Foundation Ranch and serves concurrently as the Museum Coordinator of the Kenedy Ranch Museum of South Texas. A native of Premont, he attended Texas A&I University and now lives in Sarita. Vera has been a regional historian since 1997 when he began editing and publishing El Mesteño Magazine, a publication about the history of the Mexican-Americans of South Texas and Northern Mexico. An eighth generation Tejano, Vera is descended from the early Spanish settlers of Nuevo Santander on the Rio Grande River in Cd. Mier from the 1750s. His family has been into ranching since that time. They moved to Duval County in the late 1850s where they established ranches in the southern part of the county.

TSHA Positions


Premont, TX

Sarita, TX

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