Laurie E. Jasinski

Austin, TX


Laurie E. Jasinski, Research Editor, has more than 20 years of experience with the Handbook of Texas. She worked on the six-volume New Handbook of Texas from 1988 through 1995 and later rejoined the Association in 2002 to assist in the completion of the Handbook of Texas Music. She eventually became project manager and editor for The Handbook of Texas Music, Second Edition (TSHA, 2012).


Handbook of Texas Music: Second Edition

The musical voice of Texas presents itself as vast and diverse as the Lone Star State's landscape. According to Casey Monahan, Director of the Texas Music Office, "To travel Texas with music as your guide is a year-round opportunity to experience first-hand this amazing cultural force". Texas music offers a vibrant and enjoyable experience through which to understand and enjoy Texas culture." Building on the work of The Handbook of Texas Music that was published in 2003 and in partnership with the Texas Music Office of the Governor and the Center for Texas Music History (Texas State University-San Marcos), The Handbook of Texas Music, Second Edition, offers completely updated entries and features new and expanded coverage of the musicians, ensembles, dance halls, festivals, businesses, orchestras, organizations, and genres that have helped define the state's musical legacy.

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Handbook Entries

Title Contributor Type
Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Author
Adams, Margaret Cage Whitley Author
Adjutant General Author
Aikin Grove, TX Author
Airport City, TX Author
Airport Road Addition, TX Author
Allan, John T. Author
Allen, Atwood Grant Author
Alton North, TX Author
Amarillo Natatorium [The Nat] Author
Anadarko, TX Author
Ander-Weser-Kilgore, TX Author
Angelina and Neches River Authority Author
Annetta North, TX Author
Annetta South, TX Author
Antioch Colony, TX Author
Applewhite, Charles Edwin Author
Arcade, TX Author
Ardoin, John Author
Arhoolie Records Author
Armstrong, TX (Bell County) Author
Arrowhead Shores, TX Author
Arroyo Alto, TX Author
Arroyo Colorado Estates, TX Author
Atascocita, TX Author
Austin Music Memorial Author
Avalon, TX (Ellis County) Author
Babel, A. O. Author
Baca, Gil Author
Bacas of Fayetteville Author
Bar-X Ranch, TX Author
Barton Creek, TX Author
Bayou Vista, TX Author
Beach City, TX Author
Beach, TX Author
Bear Creek, TX (Hays County) Author
Besserer, Carl William Author
Big Valley Ranchettes, TX Author
Bixby, TX Author
Black Jack, TX (Robertson County) Author
Blanco River Author
Blanco State Recreation Area Author
Blanton, TX Author
Bledsoe, Jesse Saul Author
Bliss, Don Alfonso Revision Author
Blodgett, TX Author
Blue Berry Hill, TX Author
Bluegrass Jamboree Author
Bluetown-Iglesia Antigua, TX Author
Board of Water Engineers Author
Bob Town, TX Author
Bois D'arc, TX (Rains County) Author
Boldtville, TX Author
Bonanza, TX (Hill County) Author
Bonnerville, TX Author
Bowman, John Tibaut Author
Bowman, TX Author
Boyd, TX (Fannin County) Author
Brazos Country, TX Author
Breeden, Leon Author
Briaroaks, TX Author
Brock Junction, TX Author
Broom City, TX Author
Broyles Chapel, TX Author
Brushy Creek, TX (Williamson County) Author
Bryan Beach, TX Author
Buchanan Lake Village, TX Author
Buckhorn, TX (Newton County) Author
Buena Vista, TX (Cameron County) Author
Buffalo Camp, TX Author
Buffalo Mop, TX Author
Bull Run, TX Author
Burns, TX Author
Cade Chapel, TX Author
Cameron Park, TX Author
Camp Creek Lake, TX Author
Camp Swift, TX Author
Camp, Lafayette Berry [Red] Author
Cantu Addition, TX Author
Canyon City, TX Author
Canyon Lake, TX Author
Carl's Corner, TX Author
Carrizo Hill, TX Author
Carver, TX Author
Cashion, TX Author
Cassie, TX Author
Cat Spring Agricultural Society Hall Author
Cave Creek, TX (Gillespie County) Author
Cave Without A Name Author
Cedar Shores, TX Author
Center Grove, TX (Titus County) Author
Centerview, TX (Leon County) Author
Central Gardens, TX Author
Central High, TX Author
Cesar Chavez, TX Author
Chalupec, Barbara Apolonia [Pola Negri] Revision Author
Champions, TX Author
Chances Store, TX Author
Chateau Woods, TX Author
Cheatham Street Warehouse Author
Cherokee Hill, TX Author
Cherokee Trace Author
Christian, Charles Henry [Charlie] Author
Chub, TX Author
Chula Vista-Orason, TX Author
Cinco Ranch, TX Author
Circle D-KC Estates, TX Author
Clark, TX (Denton County) Author
Clear Creek, TX (Burnet County) Author
Clear Lake Shores, TX Author
Cleveland, TX (Austin County) Author
Clopton, TX Author
Cobb, TX Author
Cokelan, TX Author
Coleman, Elizabeth Onzella Miller Author
Coleman, Robert Henry Author
Columbia Lakes, TX Author
Comanche Harbor, TX Author
Compton, TX Author
Comptroller of Public Accounts Author
Concord, TX (Liberty County) Author
Concord, TX (Madison County) Author
Confederate Bat Guano Kiln, New Braunfels Author
Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site Author
Connally Hot Oil Act of 1935 Author
Content, TX (Bell County) Author
Cook, Daniel John, Jr. [Dan] Author
Cooley, Albert O. [A. O.] Revision Author
Cooper Lake Author
Cooper Lake State Park Author
Cooper, Leroy Author
Copano Village, TX Author
Copper Canyon, TX Author
Corinth, TX (Leon County) Author
Corral City, TX Author
Cotton Patch, TX Author
Cottonwood Shores, TX Author
Cottonwood, TX (Brazos County) Author
Cottonwood, TX (Kaufman County) Author
Cottonwood, TX (Somervell County) Author
Courville, John Preston [Johnny Preston] Author
Crabb, Hillary Mercer Author
Crabtree, Riley Author
Crescent Heights, TX Author
Cross Mountain, TX Author
Cross Roads, TX (Madison County) Author
Cross Roads, TX (Rusk County) Author
Crossroads, TX (Cass County) Author
Cumings, TX Author
Curry's Creek Settlement Author
Dallam, TX Author
Dallas Opera Author
Dallas Stars Author
Darby Hill, TX Author
Davie, William Richardson Author
Davis, Lincoln, Sr. [Link] Author
Dayton Lakes, TX Author
DeBlanc, Damita Jo Author
Decker Prairie, TX Author
Decordova, TX Author
Demi-John Island, TX Author
DeWalt, O. P. Author
Dix, TX Author
Dixon-Hopewell, TX Author
Doffing, TX Author
Dogwood City, TX Author
Dollar, John Washington, Jr. [Johnny Dollar] Author
Doolittle, TX Author
Dougherty, Edward Author
Dougherty, TX (Rains County) Author
Dreyer, TX Author
Duff, Arleigh Elton [Arlie Duff] Author
Duncan, John Richard [Johnny] Author
Durst, James H. Author
Eagle Mountain, TX Author
East, Sarita Kenedy Author
Ebenezer, TX (Jasper County) Author
Egypt, TX (Leon County) Author
Egypt, TX (Montgomery County) Author
El Camino Angosto, TX Author
Ellis, Seger P. Author
Ellison, Burl Franklin Author
Elm Grove Camp, TX Author
Elm Grove, TX (San Saba County) Author
Emerald Bay, TX Author
Emory, Emerson Author
Encantada-Ranchito-El Calaboz, TX Author
Enchanted Oaks, TX Author
Enright, TX Author
Ernies Acres, TX Author
Erudia, TX Author
Espey, TX Author
Esquivel, Antonio, Jr. [Tony] Author
Estes, TX Author
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX Author
Fairfield Lake Author
Fairview, TX (Brazos County) Author
Fairview, TX (Cass County) Author
Fairview, TX (Hood County) Author
Farmers Academy, TX Author
Fifth Street, TX Author
Finance Commission of Texas Author
Five Points, TX Author
Flower Hill, TX (Colorado County) Author
Flugrath, TX Author
Folk Music Author
Fords Corner, TX Author
Forest Heights, TX Author
Forest Hill Estates, TX Author
Fort Sherman Author
Four Corners, TX (Brazoria County) Author
Four Corners, TX (Chambers County) Author
Four Corners, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Fowler, Manet Harrison Author
Freedom, TX Author
Friend, Llerena Beaufort Author
Friendship Village, TX Author
Friendship, TX (Leon County) Author
Friendship, TX (Leon County) Author
Fuller, Michael David [Blaze Foley] Author
Fulton, Joseph Roland Author
Galvan Ballroom Author
Game Animals Author
Garrett, William Author
Garzes, Daniel Zuñiga, Sr. Author
Gayle Estates, TX Author
Gibbs, Samuel Author
Ginn, William O. [Bill] Author
Glenn Heights, TX Author
Glenn, Darrell Orvis Author
Goggan, Thomas Author
Golden Beach, TX Author
Goober Hill, TX Author
Goodnight, TX (Navarro County) Author
Goodwill, TX (Burleson County) Author
Goodwill, TX (Washington County) Author
Goodwin, George Iverson Author
Gospel Music Author
Gourd Neck, TX (Rusk County) Author
Gourdneck, TX (Panola County) Author
Grand Acres, TX Author
Grangerland, TX Author
Greatwood, TX Author
Green Valley Farms, TX Author
Greenwood, TX (Red River County) Author
Guenther, Carl Heinrich Revision Author
Guerra, Henry Alessio, Jr. Author
Guerrero, Manuel Author
Gum Springs, TX (Cass County) Author
Hackberry, TX (Denton County) Author
Hall, Helen Author
Harlow, TX Author
Harmony, TX (Grimes County) Author
Harrison, Greenberry Horras Author
Harwell Point, TX Author
Hawk Cove, TX Author
Hays, TX Author
Henderson, Tim Author
Hess, Orville [Bennie] Author
Hi-Flyers Author
Hickory Creek, TX (Denton County) Author
Hickory Creek, TX (Houston County) Author
Hickory Forrest, TX Author
Hide-A-Way on the Gulf, TX Author
Hideaway, TX (Smith County) Author
Higginbotham, TX Author
Highland Bayou, TX Author
Highland Haven, TX Author
Highland Village, TX Author
Highland, TX (Smith County) Author
Hill Country Village, TX Author
Hillcrest Village, TX Author
Hilltop Lakes, TX Author
Hilltop, TX Author
Hilshire Village, TX Author
Hogansville, TX Author
Hogg, TX Author
Holiday Beach, TX Author
Holly Beach, TX Author
Holzhaus, David Christopher [Chris] Author
Horseshoe Bay, TX Author
Hubbard, TX (Bowie County) Author
Hudson Bend, TX Author
Hunt, Lamar Author
Huntington, Archer Milton Author
Hurstown, TX Author
iHeartMedia, Inc. Author
Indian Creek, TX (Smith County) Author
Indian Harbor Estates, TX Author
Indian Hill, TX Author
Indian Springs, TX Author
International Accordion Festival Author
Iolanthe, TX Author
Irrigation Districts Author
Jazz’SAlive Author
Jim Cullum Jazz Band Author
Jiménez, Abelardo [Cha Cha] Author
Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue Author
Johnson, "Blind Willie" Author
Johnson, Conrad O. [Prof] Author
Johnson, Moses Author
Jordan's Store, TX Author
Kellers Corner, TX Author
Kelly Air Force Base Revision Author
Kendalia, TX Author
Key Allegro, TX Author
Kidd, Mary Carson [Mary Carson] Author
Kilgore, TX (Goliad County) Author
King, Freddie Author
Knollwood, TX Author
Krugerville, TX Author
La Feria North, TX Author
Lago, TX Author
Laguna Heights, TX Author
Laguna Tres Estates, TX Author
Laguna Vista, TX (Burnet County) Author
Lake Arrowhead Ranch Estates, TX Author
Lake Bob Sandlin Author
Lake Bob Sandlin State Park Author
Lake Bridgeport, TX Author
Lake Crockett Estates, TX Author
Lake Dunlap, TX Author
Lake Granbury Author
Lake Placid, TX Author
Lakeside City, TX Author
Lakeside, TX (Tarrant County) Author
Lakewood Village, TX Author
Landa Park Author
Landers, Keith [Johnny Dee] Author
Lasana, TX Author
Latex, TX Author
Lauback, TX Author
Lawsha, William B. [Prince Lasha] Author
Ledbetter, Lena Dancy Author
Legislative Budget Board Author
Leisure Acres, TX Author
Leo Majek Orchestra Author
Lewis, Carl Eric Author
Lieberman, Harry A. [Larry Kane] Author
Lincoln Park, TX Author
Little Cypress, TX Author
Little Midland, TX Author
Little New York, TX Author
Littlefield, A. C. Author
Log Cabin, TX Author
Lone Star Playboys and the “Westphalia Waltz” Author
Lost Creek, TX (Travis County) Author
Lowry Crossing, TX Author
Lucchese, Samuel James Author
Lueders, Bobby W. Author
Lumkins, TX Author
Lynn Grove, TX Author
Macedonia, TX (Hopkins County) Author
Madla, Frank Lloyd, Jr. Author
Mallard, John Byler Revision Author
Mankin, TX Author
Marekville, TX Author
Marshall Creek, TX Author
Martinez, Celia Mireles Author
Matocha, Lee Roy Author
McBay, Bobby K. Author
McDow, TX Author
McFatter, Shirley Jean Tennyson Author
McLemore, Edward Eugene, Jr. [Ed] Author
McNeel, TX Author
Meadow Lake, TX Author
Meadowlakes, TX Author
Meaux, Huey P. Author
Mennonites Revision Author
Meyer, Henry Edwin Author
Midway, TX (Fannin County) Author
Midway, TX (Limestone County) Author
Midway, TX (Titus County) Author
Mission Bend, TX Author
Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation Revision Author
Mobile City, TX Author
Monte Grande, TX Author
Montelongo, Roy Author
Moore, TX (Brazos County) Author
Morene, Carl T. Author
Morgan Creek, TX Author
Morton, TX (Harrison County) Author
Mount Bethel, TX (Hunt County) Author
Mount Haven, TX Author
Mount Herman, TX Author
Mountain View, TX (Travis County) Author
Mullins Prairie, TX Author
Mustang Mott, TX Author
New Chapel Hill, TX Author
New Colony, TX (Bell County) Author
New Colony, TX (Cass County) Author
New Corn Hill, TX Author
New Harmony, TX (Shelby County) Author
New Territory, TX Author
Newport, TX (Walker County) Revision Author
Nichols, Joe Paul Author
North Abilene, TX Author
North Pearsall, TX Author
North Star, TX Author
Northcliff, TX Author
Novice, TX (Lamar County) Author
Nunnelee, TX Author
Oak Cliff Acres, TX Author
Oak Grove, TX (Colorado County) Author
Oak Hill, TX (Hood County) Author
Oak Leaf, TX Author
Oak Manor, TX Author
Oak Ridge, TX (Grayson County) Author
Oak Trail Shores, TX Author
Oakdale, TX (Polk County) Author
Oklahoma, TX Author
Old Bowling, TX Author
Old Dime Box, TX Author
Old Midway, TX Author
Old Salem, TX Author
Old Union, TX (Bowie County) Author
Olmos, TX (Guadalupe County) Author
Onderdonk, Julian Revision Author
Onion Creek, TX (Travis County) Author
Opera Revision Author
Owl Creek, TX Author
Palm Harbor, TX Author
Pantex Author
Patten, George W. Author
Patton Village, TX Author
Payne, Jonathan Author
Peach Creek, TX (Brazos County) Author
Pearl Brewing Company Revision Author
Pecan Acres, TX Author
Pecan Grove, TX (Delta County) Author
Pecan Grove, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Pecan Hill, TX Author
Pecan Plantation, TX Author
Peeltown, TX Author
Pelican Bay, TX Author
Perry, Aaron, Jr. Author
Pineview, TX Author
Pinewood Estates, TX Author
Piney, TX (Austin County) Author
Pipe Creek, TX Author
Pitner Junction, TX Author
Plato, Nelson Author
Pleasant Ridge, TX (Leon County) Author
Pleasant Springs, TX Author
Plumly, Benjamin Rush Author
Point Venture, TX Author
Polish Music Author
Polka Music Author
Porter Heights, TX Author
Post Oak, TX (Lee County) Author
Pozo Seco Singers Author
Praesel, TX Author
Prairie Chapel, TX Author
Prairiedale, TX Author
Price, Robert James Author
Prissick, William Author
Pumpkin, TX Author
Raccoon Bend, TX Author
Ramey, Gene Author
Ramsey, Kenneth Melvin [Buck] Author
Rancho de las Cabras Revision Author
Ratamosa, TX Author
Red Cut Heights, TX Author
Red Lake, TX Author
Red Lick, TX Author
Redland, TX (Leon County) Author
Redtown, TX (Anderson County) Author
Reid Hope King, TX Author
Rendon, TX Author
Rescigno, Nicola Author
Retreat, TX (Grimes County) Author
Rhodes, Andrew Jackson [Jack] Author
Ridings, TX Author
Riley's Tavern Author
Rock Bluff, TX Author
Rock Creek, TX (Somervell County) Author
Rock Harbor, TX Author
Rock-and-Roll Author
Rocky Creek, TX Author
Rocky Point, TX (Burnet County) Author
Rodríguez, Dionicio Revision Author
Rolling Hills Shores, TX Author
Rolling Hills, TX Author
Roman Forest, TX Author
Rose Hill, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Rough Creek, TX Author
Round Mountain, TX (Travis County) Author
Royal Forest, TX Author
Rupe, Chester G. Author
Rush, Bonnie Eloise [Milam, Eloise] Author
Ruth Springs, TX Author
Sahm, Douglas Wayne Author
Salem, TX (Grimes County) Author
Sam Rayburn, TX Author
San Antonio Spurs Author
San Antonio, TX Author
San Pedro Springs Park Revision Author
Sanctuary, TX Author
Sand Branch, TX Author
Sand Flat, TX (Johnson County) Author
Sand Flat, TX (Rains County) Author
Sand Flats, TX Author
Sandy Hills, TX Author
Sarita, TX Author
Sayers, William Branch Author
Scatter Branch, TX Author
Scenic Hills, TX Author
Scenic Oaks, TX Author
Schattel, TX Author
Schicke Point, TX Author
Schroeder Hall Author
Secretary of State Author
Serenada, TX Author
Shady Hollow, TX Author
Shady Oaks, TX Author
Shangri La, TX Author
Shelton, Eli Jenway Author
Sherwood Shores, TX (Bell County) Author
Sherwood Shores, TX (Burnet County) Author
Sherwood Shores, TX (Grayson County) Author
Shiloh, TX (Leon County) Author
Shirley, TX Author
Short, TX Author
Sienna Plantation, TX Author
Silver Creek Village, TX Author
Silver Hills, TX Author
Silver Pines, TX Author
Simonds, Horace B. Author
Simsboro, TX Author
Sisson, Charles T. Author
Sky Harbor, TX Author
Slate Shoals, TX Author
Smith, Brooks Author
Smith, Nathaniel Alexander Author
Smith, Ruth Bingaman Author
Smyrna, TX (Cass County) Author
Snug Harbor, TX Author
Solis, TX Author
South By Southwest Author
South Franklin, TX Author
South Mountain, TX Author
South Point, TX Author
South Shore, TX Author
Southridge Estates, TX Author
Spanish Trail, TX Author
Spider Mountain, TX Author
Sportatorium Author
Spring Branch, TX (Smith County) Author
Spring Hill, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
State Property Tax Board Author
State Purchasing and General Services Commission Author
State Soil and Water Conservation Board Author
State Treasurer Author
Stephen F. Austin State Park Revision Author
Stringtown, TX (Franklin County) Author
Stroud, Mark Author
Sugar Mill, TX Author
Summerville, TX Author
Sun Valley, TX Author
Sunnyside, Houston Author
Sunrise, TX Author
Sunset Oaks, TX Author
Sunset Valley, TX Author
Swamp City, TX Author
Swearingen, Richard Johnson Author
Swift, Arthur Author
Tarkington Prairie, TX Revision Author
Texas Bond Review Board Author
Texas Cotton Acreage Control Law of 1931–32 Author
Texas Department of Public Safety Author
Texas Historical Commission Author
Texas Juvenile Probation Commission Author
Texas Legislative Council Author
Texas Music Educators Association Author
Texas Music Office Author
Texas Polka Music Museum Author
Texas State Championship Fiddlers' Frolics Author
Texas Surplus Property Agency Author
Texas Water Development Board Author
Texas Water Rights Commission Author
Texas Water Well Drillers Board Author
Texas Workers' Compensation Commission Author
Texas Youth Commission Author
The !!!! Beat Author
The Divide, TX Author
The Hills, TX Author
The Texas Polka News Author
Three States, TX Author
Tierra Bonita, TX Author
Timesville, TX Author
Toepperwein, Adolph [Ad] Revision Author
Toledo Village, TX Author
Travis, TX (Austin County) Author
Treasure Island, TX Author
Trophy Club, TX Author
Trout Creek, TX Author
Tupa, Julius Victor Author
Turtle Cove, TX Author
Underground Water Conservation Districts Author
Union Grove, TX (Bell County) Author
Union, TX (Brazos County) Author
Upshaw, Eugene Thurman, Jr. [Gene] Author
Upton, William Felton Revision Author
Valley Hi, TX Author
Van Noy, Henry Harrison Author
Van Sickle, TX Author
Van Zandt, John Townes Author
Verbena, TX Author
Victory City, TX Author
Villa del Sol, TX Author
Villa Pancho, TX Author
Village of Tiki Island, TX Author
Walnut Bend, TX Author
Walnut Grove, TX (Collin County) Author
Ward Creek, TX Author
Waterwood, TX Author
Weedhaven, TX Author
West Livingston, TX Author
West Pearsall, TX Author
West Tawakoni, TX Author
West Texas Music Hall of Fame Author
Westbrook, TX (Jack County) Author
Westlake, TX Author
White Oak Bayou Revision Author
White Rock, TX (Hunt County) Author
White Rock, TX (Robertson County) Author
Wicker, TX Author
Wier, Rusty Author
Wigginsville, TX Author
Wild Peach, TX Author
Wilkinson, Gwendolyn Joy [Sherry Davis] Author
Williamsburg, TX Author
Williamson Settlement, TX Author
Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic Author
Willow Park, TX Author
Windemere, TX Author
Witte Museum Revision Author
Witte, Ora Laas Author
WOAI Author
Wood Springs, TX Author
Woodbranch Village, TX Author
Woodcreek, TX Author
Wooded Hills, TX Author
Woodloch, TX Author
Woodville, TX (Cherokee County) Author
WRR Author
Wurstfest Author
Wyldwood, TX Author
Wynne, Richard M. Author
Yznaga, TX Author
Zabcikville, TX Author
Zimmerscheidt, TX Author
Zion Hill, TX (Guadalupe County) Author
Zipp, TX Author
Sessums, John, Jr. Author
Mitchell, George Phydias Author
American Indian Rock Art Revision Author
American Indian Reservations Revision Author
Reynolds, Mary Frances [Debbie] Author
Williams, Donald Ray Author
Solar Energy Revision Author
Collier, Johnnie Lucille [Ann Miller] Author



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Ste. 3.116
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