Nichole Spates


Nichole Spates has lived in five states, including her native Georgia, as well as Florida, Oregon and New York. In New York, the capital of the non-profit field in the US, she began her professional career in fundraising and advancement offices in small non-profit organizations as well as in higher education institutions, including New York University and Kingsborough Community College/CUNY. Nichole is an expert in donor data management and has also worked with membership programs, as a grant writer and in individual giving. After 18 years in the City, she relocated to Florida in 2019 to be closer to family. In 2021, she joined the TSHA family and excited about learning about the rich history of Texas and its people. In addition to being a lifelong dancer, Nichole is a semi-professional photographer, and world traveler, and also enjoys visiting gardens and parks.

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