Noe E. Perez


Noe Eduardo Perez, B.S., M.A.I.S.    

Noe Eduardo Perez teaches various high school social studies courses at Los Fresnos High School.  He has over 30 years of teaching experience.  He has taught U.S. History as an adjunct instructor with the U.T. system in Brownsville, Texas.  He has had articles published as a part of the ongoing U.T. Rio Grande Valley Regional History Series of The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

In a 2004–05 court case, he authored and submitted an amicus to the Thirteenth Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi regarding a legal annexation dispute between two municipalities in Cameron County.  As a citizen, he has authored and submitted several amici to the Opinions Committee of the Office of the Texas Attorney General, and he has testified before various panels of the Texas Legislature.

He is a lifetime native of the Laguna Madre area and lives with his wife Diane.  They have three children and a grandson and live in the seaside town of Laguna Vista, Texas, with their two dogs and a cat.  Interests include outdoor activities, history, law, traveling, and being with his family.


King Ranch: A Legacy in Art: A Legacy in Art

Covering 825,000 acres in the Coastal Plain and Brush Country of South Texas, King Ranch, established in 1853, looms large in Texas and American history. Since its founding by the energetic and visionary Richard King, it has indelibly captured for generations the essence of the American West. As Tom Lea asserted in his epic 1953 history, the spirit of the place “is alive in the land itself, in the far quietness of growing grass and grazing herds.”

In King Ranch: A Legacy in Art, editors Bob Kinnan, William E. Reaves, and Linda J. Reaves have assembled a team of collaborators to present a beautiful, informative account of the ranch and its place in the artistic heritage of the region. Pairing original paintings by artist Noe Perez with insightful essays from curators Bruce Shackelford and Ron Tyler, this book celebrates the many ways “King Ranch culture” has enriched appreciation for the decorative, practical, and fine arts in Texas and the greater American West.

Opening with a foreword by Jamey Clement, former chair of the board for King Ranch, Inc., and continuing with a brief introduction to the ranch’s history by Bob Kinnan, King Ranch: A Legacy in Art will heighten appreciation of the natural beauty and artistic influence of this legendary place.

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