Paula Mitchell Marks, Ph.D.

Austin, TX


Paula Marks, Professor Emerita of American Studies at St. Edward’s University, received her doctorate from the University of Texas with concentrations in U.S. women’s history, history of the American West, and American literature. Her dissertation research on nineteenth-century San Antonio residents Samuel and Mary Adams Maverick, published as the dual biography Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas, was awarded TSHA’s Kate Broocks Bates Award and the Texas Historical Commission’s T. R. Fehrenbach Award. Among her other publications, she co-wrote a Texas history textbook. Dr. Marks has served on the boards of the Western Writers of America and the Texas Institute of Letters. She has worked as a consultant and special exhibit curator with the Bullock Texas State History Museum, and she has served as an associate dean, acting dean, and program director at St. Edward’s. In 2013, she received the national Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs Faculty Award for graduate teaching. She is a TSHA Fellow, active in the organization for three decades. Her current research interests include public history and Texas women’s history.


Hands to the Spindle: Texas Women and Home Textile Production, 1822-1880

Through the stories of real women and an overview of their textile crafts, Paula Mitchell Marks introduces readers to a functional art rarely practiced in our more hurried times. Photographs of some of their actual handiwork and evocative pen sketches of women at work and the tools and dye plants they used, skillfully drawn by artist Walle Conoly, bring the words to life.
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Turn Your Eyes Toward Texas: Pioneers Sam and Mary Maverick

From Sam Maverick’s arrival in Texas to his death in 1870, he participated in many of the most momentous events of the state’s early history, including the Siege of Bexar and the defense of the Alamo. He accumulated a fabled land empire and inspired the term “maverick” to denote an unbranded calf or an independent person. Sam’s wife, Mary—by some accounts the first AngloAmerican woman to settle in San Antonio—lived through the stresses and tragedies of pioneer family life, chronicling them with emotional intensity and immediacy of detail. Together Sam and Mary founded a Texas family dynasty and contributed immeasurably to the cultural development of San Antonio.
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Austin, TX

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