Robert S. Weddle

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Changing Tides: Twilight & Dawn in the Spanish Sea, 1763-1803

Well-organized and clearly written, this volume, the third part of a history of the Gulf of Mexico in the Spanish colonial era, rests on a thorough integration of secondary publications with the author's archival research. The first part of series is Spanish Sea: Gulf of Mexico in North American discovery (1985); second part is The French thorn: rival explorers in the Spanish Sea, 1682-1762 (1991)
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The Wreck of the Belle, the Ruin of La Salle

Robert Cavelier de La Salle: daring explorer, empire builder, shaper of history—and shameless schemer who abused his followers and deceived his king. In The Wreck of the Belle, the Ruin of La Salle, acclaimed historian Robert S. Weddle reveals how La Salle and his closest associates spun a web of secrecy and falsehood about their travels, dissembled their objectives, and put their own spin on his exploits by suppressing other would-be diarists. Weddle’s study represents a major revision of the story of La Salle and his times as they have been traditionally understood, with few of the major characters in the epic tale emerging unscathed. Even his death was misreported by survivors of the French colony in Spanish-claimed territory as they sought to save themselves.
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Handbook Entries

Title Contributor Type
Álvarez de Pineda, Alonso Author
Amichel Author
Andry, Luis Antonio Author
Armada de Barlovento Author
Barbier Infant Author
Beaujeu, Taneguy le Gallois de Author
Bellisle, Francois Simars de Author
Benavides, Alonso de Author
Camargo, Diego de Author
Campo, Andrés do Author
Carvajal y de la Cueva, Luis de Author
Cavelier, Colin Author
Cavelier, Jean Author
Chicken War Author
Crevel de Moranget Author
Croix, Teodoro de Author
D'esmanville, Abbe Author
Derbanne, Francois Guyon des Pres Author
Dominguez de Mendoza, Juan Author
Douay, Anastase Author
Ecay Muzquiz, Jose Antonio de Author
Enriquez Barroto, Juan Author
Escalante Alvarado, Garcia de Author
Fernandez Carrasco, Pedro Author
Fernandez de Jauregui Urrutia, Joseph Antonio Author
Galvez Crossings On the Pecos River Author
Garay, Francisco de Author
Garza Falcón, Alejo de la Author
Gomez Raposo, Luis Author
Grenier, Chevalier Author
Grollet, Jacques Author
Gulf of Mexico Author
Huerto, Francisco del Author
Iriarte, Pedro de Author
Islas Blancas Author
Jallot, Medard Author
Jarry, Jean Author
Jiménez, Diego Author
Joutel, Henri Author
La Salle Expedition Author
La Salle's Texas Settlement Author
La Salle, René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de Author
Lavazares, Guido de Author
Liotot Author
Llanos, Francisco de Author
Llanos-Cárdenas Expedition Author
López de Gamarra, Francisco Author
Los Almagres Mine Author
Membre, Zenobe Author
Mena, Marcos de Author
Mendoza, Felipe Author
Meunier, Pierre Author
Minet Author
Moscoso Alvarado, Luis de Author
Nimitz, Chester William Author
Norteños Author
Nueces River Author
Nuestra Señora de Loreto de la Bahia Presidio Author
Nuevo Santander Author
Nuñez de Haro, Miguel Author
Oca y Alemán, Manuel Antonio de Author
Ortiz Parrilla Gulf Coast Expedition Author
Ortiz Parrilla Red River Campaign Author
Ortiz Parrilla, Diego Author
Oyarzun, Juan Angel de Author
Paso de Diego Ramón Author
Paso de las Islas Author
Paso de Nogal Author
Peloso, Bernaldo Author
Peñalosa Briceño y Berdugo, Diego Dionisio de Author
Pez y Malzarraga, Andrés de Author
Ramirez de Arellano, Pedro de Author
Ramon Expedition Author
Ramón, Diego Author
Rancheria Grande Author
Renteria, Pedro de Author
Rivas, Martin de Author
Rivas-Iriarte Expedition Author
Rivas-Pez Expedition Author
Rodriguez, Manuel Author
Rodriguez, Vicente Author
Ronquillo, Pedro de Author
Saenz de San Antonio, Matias Author
Salinas Varona, Gregorio de Author
San Bernardo Mission Author
San Francisco de los Tejas Mission Author
San Francisco Solano Mission Author
San Juan Bautista Author
Santa Cruz de San Saba Mission Author
Santiesteban Aberin, Jose de Author
Santisimo Nombre de Maria Mission Author
Sevillano de Paredes, Miguel Author
Spanish Mapping of Texas Author
Talon Children Author
Terreros, Alonso Giraldo de Author
Toboso Island Author
Tonti, Henri de Author
Varela, Mariano Author
Villafañe, Ángel de Author

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