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Robert Wooster is Regents Professor of History at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where he has taught since 1986. A Fellow and past president of the Texas State Historical Association, he has received several teaching awards and is author, editor, or co-editor of fourteen books, most recently The American Military Frontiers: The United States Army in the West, 1783–1900, which received the Western History Association’s Robert M. Utley Award.


Lone Star Blue and Gray: Essays on Texas and the Civil War (Second Edition)

The sixteen essays collected here illustrate the rich traditions and continuing vitality of Texas Civil War scholarship. From the bitter disputes over secession to the ways in which the conflict would be remembered, Texas and Texans were caught up in the momentous struggles of the American Civil War.Tens of thousands of Texans joined military units, and scarcely a household in the state was unaffected as mothers and wives assumed new roles in managing farms and plantations. Still others grappled with the massive social, political, and economic changes wrought by the bloodiest conflict in American history. Along with these articles, editors Ralph A. and Robert Wooster provide a succinct introduction to the war and Texas and recommended readings covering virtually every aspect of the war as experienced in the Lone Star State.Ralph A. Wooster was named Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus by Lamar University in 2006. He is the author or editor of eleven books, including Civil War Texas: A History and a Guide (TSHA, 1999), a fellow and past president of the Texas State Historical Association and the East Texas Historical Association, as well as the recipient of numerous teaching awards.Robert Wooster is Regents Professor of History at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where he has taught since 1986. A Fellow and past president of the Texas State Historical Association, he has received several teaching awards and is author, editor, or co-editor of fourteen books, most recently The American Military Frontiers: The United States Army in the West, 1783–1900, which received the Western History Association’s Robert M. Utley Award.
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Soldiers, Sutlers, and Settlers: Garrison Life on the Texas Frontier

Texas’ frontiers in the 1840s were buffeted by disputes with Mexico and attacks by Indian tribes who refused to give up their life-styles to make way for new settlers. To ensure some measure of peace in the far reaches of Texas, the U.S. Army established a series of military forts in the state. These outposts varied in size and amenities, but the typical installation was staffed with officers, enlisted men, medical personnel, and civilian laundresses. Many soldiers brought their families to the frontier stations. While faced with the hardships of post life, wives and children helped create a more congenial environment for all concerned.
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The Old Army in Texas (Second Edition): A Research Guide to the U.S. Army in Nineteenth Century Texas

A classic work in Texas military history, The Old Army in Texas is now available in paperback with a new foreword by Robert Wooster. U.S. Army officer and historian Thomas “Ty” Smith presents a comprehensive and authoritative single-source reference for the activities of the regular army in the Lone Star State during the nineteenth century. 

Beginning with a series of maps that sketch the evolution of fort locations on the frontier, Smith furnishes an overview with his introductory essay. The second part of this guide lists the departmental commanders, the location of the military headquarters, and the changes in the administrative organization and military titles for Texas. Part III provides a dictionary of 223 posts, forts, and camps in the state. The fourth part gives a year by year snapshot of total army strength in the state, the regiments assigned, and the garrisons and commanders of each major fort and camp. 

Supplying the only such synopsis of its kind, the guide's Part V offers a chronological description of 224 U.S. Army combat actions in the Indian Wars with vivid details of each engagement. The 900 entries in the selected bibliography of Part VI are divided topically into sections on biographical sources and regimental histories, histories of forts, garrison life, civil-military relations, the Mexican War, and frontier operations. 

The Old Army in Texas is an indispensable reference and research tool for students, scholars, and military history aficionados. It will be of great value to those interested in Texas history, especially military history and local and regional studies. This superb reference work is illustrated with a number of maps and rare photographs of the U.S. Army in nineteenth century Texas.

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The Reminiscences of Major General Zenas R. Bliss, 1854-1876: From the Texas Frontier to the Civil War and Back Again

The "Reminiscences" of Maj. Gen. Zenas R. Bliss are a remarkably detailed account of his army service in Texas before and after the Civil War. Many scholars consider Bliss's recollections to be one of the best from a soldier of the "Old Army." It has become a staple primary resource for Texas frontier research for the last three decades.Bliss's memoirs serve as a rare and important window into Texas' military, political, cultural, and geographical history. The memoirs cover Bliss's graduation at West Point in 1854, his antebellum service at Fort Duncan, Camp Hudson, and Fort Davis, as well as his return to the Texas frontier in 1870, and end with his duties at Fort Davis in 1876. Details also describe his capture by Texas Confederate forces in 1861, his tribulations as a prisoner of war, and his subsequent Civil War experiences as a Union regimental commander at Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, and Petersburg, where he was at the battle of the Crater. For gallantry at Fredericksburg, he received the Congressional Medal of Honor.While commanding buffalo soldiers at Fort Duncan in 1870, Bliss conceived the idea of enlisting Seminole-Negro Indians from Mexico as army scouts. After successfully lobbying the departmental commander and the War Department for approval, Bliss formed the first band of Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts in August of 1870. The unit served the army with extraordinary devotion and distinction until 1912.Bliss served in Texas longer than any other army officer (twenty-three years) and rose in rank from second lieutenant to departmental commander. Possessing a keen sense of humor, an eye for detail, and a boisterous social nature, his lively account of the people and places of the antebellum and post-Civil War Texas frontier is among the very best of Texas history.

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Ace, TX Author
Adsul, TX Author
Aldridge, TX (Jasper County) Author
Amelia, TX Author
Ames, TX (Liberty County) Author
Applegate, TX Author
Ariola, TX Author
Armstrong, James Author
Arnett, Cullen Curlee Author
Asia, TX Author
Augur, Christopher Columbus Author
Aurora, TX (Jefferson County) Author
Baldwin, TX (Polk County) Author
Bancroft, TX (Chambers County) Author
Bancroft, TX (Orange County) Author
Barbers Hill Oilfield Author
Barnes, TX Author
Barnum, TX Author
Bayou City Author
Bear Creek, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Beaumont Wharf and Terminal Company Author
Beaumont, Sour Lake and Western Railway Author
Beauxart Gardens, TX Author
Belgrade, TX Author
Bell's Ferry, TX Author
Bendestsen, TX Author
Benford, TX Author
Bering, TX Author
Bessmay, TX Author
Bevil Oaks, TX Author
Bevil's Settlement Author
Bevil, John Author
Big Creek, TX Author
Big Hill, TX (Jefferson County) Author
Biloxi, TX Author
Blanchard, TX Author
Blanchette, TX Author
Bleakwood, TX Author
Blount, James H. Author
Blox, TX Author
Bluewater, TX Author
Bold Springs, TX Author
Bon Wier, TX Author
Bonami, TX Author
Bowers, TX (Polk County) Author
Bragg, TX Author
Bridge City, TX Author
Browndell, TX Author
Buck, TX Author
Budconnor, TX Author
Buna, TX Author
Bunker Hill, TX Author
Bunns Bluff, TX Author
Burkeville, TX Author
Burr's Ferry Author
Burr's Ferry, Browndel and Chester Railway Author
Byspot, TX Author
Cairo Springs, TX Author
Call Junction, TX Author
Call, TX Author
Camden, TX (Polk County) Author
Camilla, TX Author
Camp Ruby, TX Author
Camp Seale, TX Author
Camptown, TX Author
Canary, TX Author
Carmona, TX Author
Chambers, William Morton Author
Cheek, TX Author
China, TX Author
Clark, TX (Liberty County) Author
Coit, Daniel Pierce Author
Cold Springs Female Institute Author
Coldspring, TX Author
Coley Creek, TX Author
Colita Academy Author
Colita, TX Author
Collins, TX (Jasper County) Author
Collins, Vinson A. Author
Combs, Jesse Martin Author
Connell, TX Author
Cooper, Samuel Bronson Author
Corrigan, TX (Polk County) Author
Cotland, TX Author
Cove City, TX Author
Cove, TX Author
Crawford, Walter Joshua Author
Curtis, TX Author
Daisetta, TX Author
Dallardsville, TX Author
Darby, TX Author
Darden, TX (Polk County) Author
Davis, James Author
Dearborn, TX Author
Devers, TX Author
Devore, Cornelius E. Author
Devore, Jesse Author
Deweyville, TX Author
Dolen, TX Author
Doty, TX Author
Double Bayou, TX Author
Dryburg, TX Author
Duncan's Woods, TX Author
Duncan, William Author
Eagle, TX Author
East Tempe, TX Author
Eastgate, TX Author
Eastman, TX Author
Echo, TX (Orange County) Author
Eighth United States Infantry Regiment Author
Elbert, TX (Polk County) Author
Eminence, TX Author
Esperson, TX Author
Evadale, TX Author
Evergreen, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Everitt, Stephen Hendrickson Author
Everitt, TX Author
Ewing, Alexander Wray Author
Excelsior, TX Author
Fannett, TX Author
Farmers Canal Company Author
Farrsville, TX Author
Fawil, TX Author
Felicia, TX Author
Ferguson, TX Author
Fields, William Author
Fish Branch, TX Author
Fletcher, TX Author
Fort Griffin Author
Fort Grigsby Author
Fort Manhassett Author
Fort Sabine Author
Fouts, TX Author
Franklin, TX (Liberty County) Author
Fuqua, TX Author
Geneva, TX (Polk County) Author
Gilmer, Alexander Author
Gist, TX Author
Gladstell, TX Author
Gladys, TX (Jefferson County) Author
Glen, TX Author
Goodrich, TX Author
Gratis, TX Author
Grayburg, TX Author
Graydon, TX Author
Griffing Park, TX Author
Griswold, TX Author
Groves, TX Author
Guffey, TX Author
Gulf and Inter-State Railway Author
Gulf and Northern Railway Author
Gusher, TX Author
Halbert, Nathan Author
Halifax, TX Author
Hamshire, TX Author
Hankamer, TX Author
Hardin, TX (Hardin County) Author
Hardin, TX (Liberty County) Author
Harmon, TX (Chambers County) Author
Harrisburg, TX (Jasper County) Author
Hartburg, TX Author
Helbig, TX Author
Heywood, Alba Author
Hightower, TX Author
Hill, James Ewing Author
Hobby, Edwin E. Author
Holland, TX (Hardin County) Author
Holly Grove, TX (Polk County) Author
Holmes, Thomas Author
Honey Island, TX Author
Hortense, TX Author
Horton, TX (Jasper County) Author
Howards, TX Author
Huling, Thomas Byers Author
Hull Oilfield Author
Hull, TX Author
Huntley, TX Author
Iiams, John Author
Indian Creek Academy Author
Isaacks, Elijah Author
Jamestown, TX (Newton County) Author
Jasper Collegiate Institute Author
Jefferson, TX (Orange County) Author
Johnson's Bluff, TX Author
Johnson, TX Author
Johnston, Hugh Blair Author
Keithton, TX Author
Kenefick, TX Author
Keno, TX Author
Kerrdale, TX Author
Kiam, TX Author
Kickapoo, TX (Polk County) Author
Kishi Colony, TX Author
Knight, TX Author
Kountze, TX Author
Labelle, TX Author
Ladd, TX Author
Lakeland, TX (Liberty County) Author
Lakeview, TX (Jefferson County) Author
Lakeview, TX (Orange County) Author
Lamont, TX Author
Landrum, TX (Jefferson County) Author
Laurel, TX Author
Laurelia, TX Author
Lee's Mill, TX Author
Leggett, TX Author
Lemonville, TX Author
Lewis Ferry, TX Author
Liberty Hill, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Lillard, TX Author
Linney Creek, TX Author
Livingston and Southeastern Railway Author
Loeb, TX Author
Logtown, TX Author
Lone Star Canal Company Author
Lone Star, TX (Polk County) Author
Long Station, TX Author
Los Horconsitos Author
Louisiana Settlement Author
Louisiana Western Extension Railroad Author
Lucas, Anthony Francis Author
Lumberton, TX Author
Lumm, TX Author
Lutcher, Henry Jacob Author
Lyric, TX Author
Macedonia, TX (Liberty County) Author
Magnolia, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Marianna, TX Author
Marston, TX Author
Martha, TX Author
Martin Dies, Jr., State Park Author
Mauriceville, TX Author
Mayflower, TX Author
Maynard, TX Author
Meeker, TX Author
Mercy, TX Author
Midway, TX (Polk County) Author
Milby, William Polk Author
Military History Author
Milledge, TX Author
Milvid, TX Author
Monroe City, TX Author
Mont Belvieu, TX Author
Morris Ferry Author
Moscow, TX Author
Moss Bluff, TX Author
Moss Hill, TX Author
Mount Holland, TX Author
Mulvey, TX Author
Muskegon, TX Author
Napier, TX Author
New Blox, TX Author
New Columbia, TX Author
New Hope, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
New Willard, TX Author
Newton County Author
Newton, TX Author
Nimrod, TX (Liberty County) Author
Nome, TX Author
Nona, TX Author
Normanville, TX Author
Nuestra Señora de la Luz Mission Author
Oak Shade, TX (Liberty County) Author
Oak Shade, TX (Polk County) Author
Oakhurst, TX Author
Odelia, TX Author
Ogden, Frederick W. Author
Oilla, TX Author
Old River-Winfree, TX Author
Olive, TX Author
Ollie, TX Author
Onalaska, TX Author
Orange and Northwestern Railroad Author
Orangefield, TX Author
Palmetto, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Patonia, TX Author
Pattillo, George Alexander Author
Peach Tree, TX (Jasper County) Author
Pear Ridge, TX Author
Pelican, TX Author
Pennall, Robert A. Author
Phelan, John Henry Author
Pinckney, TX Author
Pine Forest, TX (Orange County) Author
Pine Island, TX (Jefferson County) Author
Pine Ridge, TX Author
Pine Valley, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Pinehurst, TX (Orange County) Author
Plank, TX Author
Pleasant Grove, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Pluck, TX Author
Plum Grove, TX Author
Point Blank, TX Author
Port Acres, TX Author
Port Neches, TX Author
Princeton, TX (Newton County) Author
Proserpina, TX Author
Providence, TX (Hardin County) Author
Providence, TX (Polk County) Author
Quicksand, TX Author
Quigley, TX Author
Rayburn, TX Author
Raywood, TX Author
Remlig, TX Author
Rigaud, Antoine Author
Robertson, TX (Jasper County) Author
Rock Island, TX (Polk County) Author
Roganville, TX Author
Romayor, TX Author
Rose City, TX Author
Rose Hill Acres, TX Author
Rosedale, TX Author
Ruliff, TX Author
Rye, TX Author
Sabine Lake Author
Sabine Pass Author
Sabine Pass, TX Author
Sabine-Neches Waterway and Sabine Pass Ship Channel Author
Salem, TX (Newton County) Author
Sam Rayburn Reservoir Author
San Agustin de Ahumada Presidio Author
Saratoga, TX Author
Schneider, TX Author
Schwab City, TX Author
Science Hall, TX (Jasper County) Author
Seabreeze, TX Author
Segno, TX Author
Setag, TX Author
Seth, TX Author
Seven Oaks, TX Author
Shankleville, TX Author
Shepherd, TX Author
Silsbee, TX Author
Smith Point, TX Author
Smith, Stuart Robertson Author
Smyth, George Washington Author
Snell's, TX Author
Soda, TX Author
Sour Lake Oilfield Author
Southeast Texas Male and Female College Author
Spaight, Ashley W. Author
Spears Chapel, TX Author
Spindletop Oilfield Author
Staley, TX Author
Stephen Creek, TX Author
Stephenson, Henry Author
Stilson, TX Author
Stowell, TX Author
Strain, TX Author
Stringtown, TX (Newton County) Author
Sun, TX Author
Swartwout, TX Author
Swift, Timothy Author
Sycamore, TX (Newton County) Author
Taylor Bayou, TX Author
Terry, TX Author
Texla, TX Author
Tigerville, TX Author
Toledo Bend Reservoir Author
Toledo, TX Author
Trinity Valley Chemurgic Institute Author
Trotti, TX Author
Tryon, TX (Hardin County) Author
Tulane, TX Author
Turpentine, TX Author
Turtle Bayou, TX Author
Twenty-Fifth United States Infantry Author
Twenty-Fourth United States Infantry Author
Urbana, TX Author
Valda, TX Author
Veatch, John Allen Author
Vidor, TX Author
Village Mills, TX Author
Viterbo, TX Author
Votaw, TX (Hardin County) Author
Voth, TX Author
Vreeland, TX Author
Wakefield, TX Author
Walsh, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Walter, TX Author
Watts, Arthur Thomas Author
West Nona, TX Author
West Orange, TX Author
West, Claiborne Author
Westbury, TX Author
Westcott, TX Author
White, Matthew G. Author
Wiergate, TX Author
Wiess Bluff, TX Author
Wiess, Simon Author
Wightman, TX Author
Wihan, TX Author
Williams, Stephen Author
Willow Springs, TX (San Jacinto County) Author
Wingate, David Robert Author
Winnie, TX Author
Woodmyer, TX Author
Woods, James B. Author
Yount, Miles Frank Author
Zavala, TX Author
Zeirath, TX Author

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