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Prints and Printmakers of Texas: Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual North American Print Conference

This eclectic collection pulls together some of the best presentations made at the North American Print Conference held in Austin, Texas. Focusing on the printing arts in Texas, this group of leading scholars and authorities covered a wide range of subjects from early lithography and photography in Texas to today's armadillo posters and T-shirts. The high arts and popular culture alike are treated in this broad overview of prints and printmaking on the Texas frontier and in its urban centers.Contributors:• R. Pearce-Moses, "From Niépce to Now: Thirty Million Photographs in Texas"• R. Cox, "Dust Bowl Realism: Texas Printmakers and the FSA Photographers of the Great Depression"• F. Carraro, "Jerry Bywaters: A Texas Printmaker"• D. Farmer, "The Printmakers Guild and Women Printmakers in Texas, 1939-1965"• P. H. Brink, "The Galveston That Was: Requiem or Inspiration?"• N. Jacobson, "Armadillos, Peccadilloes, and the Maverick Posterists of Austin, Texas"• J. H. Fox, "TexStyle Art: The Evolution of Quality Silkscreened Imagery upon T-Shirts in Austin, Texas, 1968-1988"• K. B. Ragsdale, "W. D. Smithers: Pictorial Chronicler of the Big Bend Country of Texas"• B. Huseman, "The Beginnings of Lithography in Texas"• K. J. Adams, "Texas Impressions: Graphic Arts and the Republic of Texas, 1836-1845"• J. P. McGuire and D. Haynes, "William DeRyee, Carl G. von Iwonski, and Homeography, a Printing Process"• C. Brandimarte, "Immaterial Girls: Prints of Pageantry and Dance, 1900-1936"• R. Flukinger, "The Panoramic Photography of E. O. Goldbeck"
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