Sean P. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Lubbock, TX


Sean P. Cunningham is Chair of the Department of History at Texas Tech University. A recipient of Texas Tech's President's Excellence in Teaching Award and a member of its Teaching Academy, Cunningham specializes in twentieth-century U.S. political history, with a particular focus on Texas and the American Sunbelt. He is the author of Cowboy Conservatism: Texas and the Rise of the Modern Right (Kentucky, 2010), American Politics in the Postwar Sunbelt: Conservative Growth in a Battleground Region (Cambridge, 2014), and Bootstrap Liberalism: Texas Political Culture in the Age of FDR (Kansas, 2022). Cunningham also serves on the Board of Directors for Humanities Texas and, at Texas Tech, serves as Title IX Liaison for Academic Affairs. He received his Ph.D. in modern American history from the University of Florida and now resides in Lubbock with his wife and two daughters.

Handbook Entries

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Texas Post World War II Revision Author


Lubbock, TX

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