Stephen L. Hardin


Dr. Stephen L. Hardin is a specialist in Texas, military, and social history. His numerous publications range from the award-winning Texian Illiad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution to, most recently, Texian Macabre: The Melancholy Tale of a Hanging in Early Houston, a fascinating study of early Houston society. In addition to his writing and teaching activities, Hardin has also provided specialist commentary on the A&E Network, the History Channel, the Discovery Network, and NBC’s TODAY show.
Elected Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association, 2009.


Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution

Hardly were the last shots fired at the Alamo before the Texas Revolution entered the realm of myth and controversy. French visitor Frederic Gaillardet called it a "Texian Iliad" in 1839, while American Theodore Sedgwick pronounced the war and its resulting legends "almost burlesque."
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Handbook Entries

Title Contributor Type
Alamo Beach, TX Author
Alamo, Battle of the Author
Alley, John Author
Baird, Charles Author
Beadle, TX Author
Belmont, TX Author
Big Hill, TX (Gonzales County) Author
Blessing, TX Author
Bordentown, TX Author
Bowieville, TX Author
Braches, Charles Author
Bridges, William B. Author
Buckeye, TX Author
Buckley, Constantine W. Author
Burgess, George Farmer Author
Cabell, TX Author
Camp Independence Author
Caney, TX (Matagorda County) Author
Carancahua, TX Author
CastaƱeda, Francisco de Author
Cedar Lane, TX Author
Chalmers, TX Author
Citrus Grove, TX Author
Clements, Joseph D. Author
Clemville, TX Author
Clodine, TX Author
Collegeport, TX Author
Cordele, TX Author
Crabb, TX Author
Cranz, TX Author
Dilworth, TX (Gonzales County) Author
Dryer, TX Author
Dyer, TX Author
Edward, David Barnett Author
El Toro, TX Author
Elmaton, TX Author
Fairchilds, TX Author
Fitzgerald, Edward Author
Flewellen, TX Author
Flora, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Fort Bend Author
Foster, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Fox, TX (Gonzales County) Author
Francitas, TX Author
Fresno, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Fuqua, Benjamin Author
Ganado, TX Author
Gayle, Alexander T. Author
Gilleland, Johnson Author
Glaze City, TX Author
Gonzales, Battle of Author
Gonzales, TX Author
Gulf, TX (Matagorda County) Author
Hamon, TX Author
Hermis, TX Author
Hickston, TX Author
Hobby, TX Author
House, TX Author
Hynes Bay, Battle of Author
Imperial Valley Railway Author
Imperial, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Jackson County Author
Jester State Prison Farm Author
Jones, Augustus H. Author
Jones, John C. Author
Kamey, TX Author
Kerr, James Author
Kyle, William Jefferson Author
La Salle, TX (Jackson County) Author
La Ward, TX Author
Lake Texana State Park Author
Lavaca-Navidad Meeting Author
Lipantitlan Expedition Author
Lolita, TX Author
Long Point, TX Author
Manchester, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Manson, TX Author
Markham, TX Author
Marlow, TX (Fort Bend County) Author
Maurin, TX Author
McHenry, John Author
Midfield, TX Author
Miller, James Francis Author
Miller, James H. C. Author
Millican, William Author
Mitchell, Eli Author
Morales, TX Author
Navidad, TX Author
Neill, James Clinton Author
Neville, TX Author
Nickel, TX Author
Oak Forest, TX Author
Old Eighteen Author
Olivia, TX Author
Ottine, TX Author
Owen, Clark Lewis Author
Parker, Gustavus A. Author
Rancho, TX Author
Randon, TX Author
Red Bluff, TX (Jackson County) Author
Roemerville, TX Author
Rogers, Samuel C. A. Author
Sample, TX Author
Saturn, TX Author
Sedan, TX Author
Simonton Brothers Author
Simpsonville, TX (Matagorda County) Author
Six Mile, TX (Calhoun County) Author
Slayden, TX Author
Smith, Thomas Jefferson Author
Stafford, TX Author
Stinnett, Claiborne Author
Sweitzer, Alonzo B. Author
Tavener, TX Author
Texana Academy Author
Texana, TX Author
Thompson's Ferry Author
Thompsonville, TX (Gonzales County) Author
Trammels, TX Author
Van Vleck, TX Author
Vanderbilt, TX Author
Wadsworth, TX Author
Walker, William E. Author
White, Francis Menefee Author
Winnton, TX Author
Wood, David L. Author
Zedlar's Mills, TX Author

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