Ted Lusher

Austin, TX


Ted Lusher of Austin is the former CEO of Sell-Thru Services Inc, which was established in 1987. The company analyzes sales along with geographic and demographic information that convenience stores use in determining stock. Ted and his wife, Sharon, are avid collectors of southwestern art and items related to Texas history, with a particular interest in sixteenth- through nineteenth-century spurs. The Lushers have also amassed enviable collections of maps, books, and documents related to Texas and the Southwest. Mr. Lusher has long been active in TSHA’s education programs. He especially enjoys the year-long program for sixth- through twelfth-grade students that culminates in Texas History Day, and he has hosted of the Texas History Day luncheon. He keenly follows TSHA’s Texas Quiz Show program and often attends the live game-show-formatted final rounds.

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Austin, TX

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