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Tejanoland: A Writing Life in Four Acts (Texas A&M Press): A Writing Life in Four Acts (Texas A&M Press)

This collection by Teresa Palomo Acosta—poet, historian, author, and activist—spans three decades of her writing, from 1988 through 2018. The collection is divided into four parts: poems, essays, a children’s story, and plays. Each work addresses cultural, historical, political, and gender realities that she experienced from her childhood to the present.

The plays, set in the Central Texas Blackland Prairies where Acosta was raised, provide a unique Latina vision of memory, identity, and experience and are a vital contribution to Chicana feminist thought. The essays focus on Acosta’s literary heroes Jovita González de Mireles, Sara Estela Ramírez, and Elena Zamora O’Shea, important writers who contributed significantly to Tejana literature and to Texas letters. The children’s story, “Colchas, Colchitas,” is based on Acosta’s most notable poem, “My Mother Pieced Quilts,” which pays homage to her mother and the many women of her generation who employed needles and thread, creating both practical and symbolic artifacts.

This collection is a creative and, indeed, essential expansion of boundaries for what we think of as history, offering a unique and compelling look into the lived experiences and interior contemplations of a Texas artist well worth knowing. Readers will increase their understanding of Tejana experience in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Tejanaland promises to become an important addition to the cultural record, informing historical perspectives on the experiences of Tejana women and contributing significantly to the existing body of work from Tejana writers.

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Handbook Entries

Title Contributor Type
Adobe Author
Alba Club Author
Aldrete, Cristóbal Author
Alianza Hispano-Americana Author
Alonzo, Francisco [Frank] Author
American G.I. Forum Women's Auxiliary Author
Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans Author
Aztlán Author
Barnett, Marguerite Ross Author
Benavides, Basilio Author
Bishops' Committee For Hispanic Affairs Author
Black Cowboys Author
Brito, Santiago A. Author
Calleros, Cleofas Author
Canales, Laura Author
Cantú, Laura Hernández Author
Carroll, Edna Cisneros Author
Cassiano, María Gertrudis Pérez Author
Chapa, Francisco A. Author
Charro Days Author
Chicana Research and Learning Center Author
Chicano Art Networks Author
Chicano Literary Renaissance Author
Chicano Mural Movement Author
Confederación de Organizaciones Mexicanas y Latino Americanas Author
Conferencia de Mujeres Por La Raza Author
Conferencia Plástica Chicana Author
Congreso Mexicanista Author
Cruz Azul Mexicana Author
Crystal City Revolts Author
Cuesta, Henry Falcón Author
Economy Furniture Company Strike Author
Edgewood ISD v. Kirby Author
Endsley, Jane Johnson Author
Farm Placement Service of Texas Author
Ferber, Edna Author
Fernández, Rosita Author
Flores de Andrade Author
Flores de Barker, Josefa Augustina Author
García de Falcón, Élida Author
Garcia, Gregorio N. Author
Garcia, Santiago [Jimmy] Author
General Zaragoza State Historic Site Author
González de Mireles, Jovita Author
Hauschild Music Company Author
Home Altars Author
Houston International University Author
Huerta, Baldemar [Freddy Fender] Author
Idar, Nicasio Author
In Re Ricardo Rodríguez Author
Indios Bravos and Indios Reducidos Author
Juneteenth Author
KCOR Author
Kilgore Rangerettes Author
La Crónica Author
La Mujer Moderna Author
Little Joe y La Familia Author
López de Ximenes, Josefina Author
López, Isidro [El Indio] Author
Losoya Taylor, Paula Author
Manuel, Herschel Thurman Author
Marroquín, Armando Author
Marroquín, Carmen Hernández Author
Martinez, Miguel Author
Martínez, Narciso Author
Mendoza, Leonora Author
Mendoza, Lydia Author
Mexía, Enrique Guillermo Antonio Author
Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association Author
Mexican American Joint Council Author
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Author
Mexican American School Boards Association Author
Mexican American Youth Organization Author
Mexican Circuses Author
Mexican-American Folk Arts and Crafts Author
Meza, María de Socorro González [Choco] Author
National Women's Employment and Education Author
Navaira, Emilio H. III Author
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Author
Ochoa, Victor L. Author
Ontiveros, Guadalupe Moreno [Lupe] Author
Orquestas Tejanas Author
Ortega, María Belen Author
Ortiz, Tomás Author
Partido Liberal Mexicano Author
Pedraza, Miguel, Sr. Author
Perez, Beatriz Tagle Author
Political Association of Spanish-Speaking Organizations Author
Quinceañeras Author
Ramirez, Sara Estela Author
Raza Unida Party Author
Rhone Family Papers Author
Rio Grande Music Company Author
Rodriguez, David Roland Author
Rodriguez, Thomas A. Author
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs Author
Settlement Houses Author
Shaw, Robert Author
Sociedades Guadalupanas Author
South Texas Music Walk of Fame Author
Southwest Voter Registration Education Project Author
Spanish-Language Radio Author
Spanish-Language Television Author
Tejana Singers Author
Tejano Conjunto Festival Author
Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame Museum Author
Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum Author
Texas Farm Workers Union Author
Texas Mexican Industrial Institute Author
Texas Talent Musicians Association Author
Texas-Mexican Conjunto Author
United Farm Workers Union Author
Zuñiga, Agapito Author
Vera, Daria Arredondo Author
Lopez, Trinidad III [Trini] Author
Long, Teresa Altagracia Lozano [Terry] Author
Fuentes, Rumel López Author

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