Walter L. Buenger, Ph.D.

Bryan, TX


Walter Buenger, Ph.D., is TSHA’s Chief Historian, responsible for the Association’s scholarly mission and providing academic oversight to its programs. He is also the inaugural Summerlee Foundation Lone Star Chair in Texas History at The University of Texas at Austin. Beunger was elected a TSHA Fellow in 2000, and he served as TSHA President in 2009-2010. The author of numerous books and articles, Buenger was awarded the Coral H. Tullis Award in 2001 for his book, The Path to a Modern South: Texas between Reconstruction and the Great Depression. A native of West Texas, Buengerreceived his Ph.D. from Rice University in 1979. Soon afterward, he began teaching at Texas A&M University where he remained until 2017. While there, he gave courses in U.S. history, the history of the South, and Texas history, and served as chair of the history department. His own area of research focuses on comparative border studies, the South, and Texas since 1820. He is currently working on a project researching the relationship between history and memory in Texas after 1820.


The Path to a Modern South: Northeast Texas between Reconstruction and the Great Depression

Federal New Deal programs of the 1930s and World War II are often credited for transforming the South, including Texas, from a poverty-stricken region mired in Confederate mythology into a more modern and economically prosperous part of the United States. By contrast, this history of Northeast Texas, one of the most culturally southern areas of the state, offers persuasive evidence that political, economic, and social modernization began long before the 1930s and prepared Texans to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the New Deal and World War II.
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Bryan, TX


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