These are the hard-working individuals that live and breathe TSHA. Our staff serves not only our members, but teachers, students, and the general public as well.

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Name Position
Heather Green Wooten, Ph.D.

Executive Director, 2021 to present

Walter L. Buenger, Ph.D.

Chief Historian, 2017 to present

Brett J. Derbes, Ph.D.

Administrative Director, 2021 to present

Rosie Hatch

Managing Editor, Texas Almanac

Rachel Kaelin

Associate Editor, Texas Almanac

Brett J. Derbes, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Managing Editor, Handbook of Texas, 2015 to present

Laurie E. Jasinski

Research Editor, Handbook of Texas

Katherine Kuehler Walters, Ph.D.

Assistant Editor, Handbook of Texas

Russell Stites

Assistant Editor, Handbook of Texas, 2020 to present

Ryan Schumacher

Managing Editor, SWHQ & TSHA Press

Lisa Berg

Director of Education Services

John W. Jenkins

Developer, 2013 to present

Dawn Orsak

Development Assistant

Angel Baldree

Corporate Planner & Executive Assistant

Joel Phillips

Designer, Print and Web, 2016 to present

Regina Rash

Director of Accounting, 2021 to present

Danny Corbett

Texas History Day Assistant Coordinator, 2018 to present

Nichole Spates

Membership Manager

Beth Sondrol

Junior Accountant

Kerry Knerr, Ph.D.

Communications & Grants Manager, 2021 to present

List of Positions & Historical Data

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