Board Member

Nancy Baker Jones, Ph.D. President-Elect (2022–2023)

Ken Wise Second Vice President (2022–2023)

Dolph Briscoe, IV (January 2022–January 2025)

Kent R. Hance (January 2022–January 2025)

Sonia Hernández (January 2022–January 2025)

R. Lance Lolley President (January 2022–January 2023)

Mary Margaret McAllen Second Past President (January 2022–January 2023)

Patrick L. Cox, Ph.D. Past President (January 2022–January 2023)

Andrew J. Torget, Ph.D. Second Term (January 2022–January 2025)

Stephanie Cole Second Term (March 2021–March 2024)

George Díaz (March 2021–March 2024)

Carlos R. Hamilton Jr., M.D. (March 2021–March 2024)

Larry Ketchersid Second Term (March 2021–March 2024)

Gene Preuss, Ph.D. (March 2021–March 2024)

Bernadette Pruitt, Ph.D. (March 2021–March 2024)

Joan Marshall (March 2020–March 2023)

W. W. Whit Jones III (March 2020–March 2023)

Ricardo Romo, Ph.D. (March 2020–March 2023)

Heather Green Wooten, Ph.D. (March 2019–March 2021)

H. Scott Caven, Jr. Second Term (March 2019–March 2022)

Kent R. Hance (March 2019–March 2022)

Alan Tully, Ph.D. Second Term (March 2019–March 2022)

Andrew J. Torget, Ph.D. Secretaery (January 2019–January 2022)

Jessica Brannon-Wranosky, Ph.D. Second Term (March 2018–March 2021)

Stephanie Cole (March 2018–March 2021)

Carlos R. Hamilton Jr., M.D. (March 2018–March 2021)

Larry Ketchersid (March 2018–March 2021)

Trevor Rees-Jones (March 2018–March 2021)

Homero S. Vera Second Term (March 2018–March 2021)

Ted Lusher (March 2017–March 2020)

Nancy Painter Paup Second Term (March 2017–February 2020)

Currently, there are no open positions at Texas State Historical Association. Please check back later as new positions become available.

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