Graduate Research Assistants

Whitney Wheeler (September 2021)

Camila Ordorica Bracamontes (September 2021)

Madeleine Olson (September 2021)

Peter Worger (September 2021)

Eddie Watson (September 2020–May 2021)

Andrew Klooster (September 2020–May 2021)

Ray F. Lucas (September 2020–May 2021)

Gabrielle Esparza (January 2020–August 2020)

Stefanie Shackelton (January 2020–May 2020)

Paula O'Donnell (September 2019–December 2019)

Mia Gomez (September 2019–December 2019)

Micaela Valadez (January 2019–August 2020)

Ted Banks (January 2019)

Sheena Lee Cox (January 2019–August 2021)

John Carranza (August 2017–February 2018)

Megan Stanford (January 2017–August 2017)

Jennifer Townzen (August 2016–December 2016)

Andres Nava, Jr. (May 2016–August 2016)

Jennifer Schein (January 2016–May 2016)

Brett Donohoe (January 2016–July 2016)

Joseph Fox (January 2016–May 2016)

MarĂ­a Esther Hammack, Ph.D. (January 2016–January 2017)

Currently, there are no open positions at Texas State Historical Association. Please check back later as new positions become available.

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