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Frequently Asked Questions - Auctions

1. What is the "Silent Auction"?

Silent auctions are auctions held without an auctioneer. You bid on items by writing your bidder number (assigned at check-in) on the item’s corresponding bid sheet. When the bidding time ends, the highest bid wins! Please make note of section closing times….if you are very interested in winning a particular item, you should try to be there when the bidding closes to make sure you have the highest bid!

2. Is there a cost to attend the Live Auction?

No, attending and registering for the Live auction is free.

3. Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, the value of the items that you donate are tax deductible. Please be sure you enter your contact information correctly on your donation form so we can send you a receipt for tax purposes after the auction.

4. Are my purchases tax deductible?

Only the amount above retail value that you pay for the item is tax deductible.

5. Do you accept consignments and if so, what are your consignment rates?

Yes, we accept consignments. Our rates are negotiable and we will always beat any Auction House consignment fee. Rates are flat and TSHA does not charge any photo or catalog fees.Visit our consignment page for more details.

6. Do you offer appraisal services?

Yes, we offer professional appraisal services. Whether is a single item or a large collection, we can provide complimentary appraisal services. Certain restrictions apply so please contact TSHA to find out more. Visit our appraisal page for more details.

7. Can my company or organization sponsor the event?

Yes, we have several levels of sponsorship available.  Visit our sponsorship page for more details.