Awards, Prizes, and Fellowships

We have given out 698 awards, prizes, and fellowships in the past 125 years.

Sound scholarship serves as the foundation for all TSHA programs, products, and services. The Association’s leadership and members work to ensure that Texas history scholarship is supported, promoted, and disseminated broadly. As a part of this effort, TSHA offers several awards and fellowships to encourage the study and teaching of Texas history.

Research Fellowships

TSHA’s Research Fellowships support the academic research of Texas history scholars. Each fellowship honoree is awarded a financial prize to support their work. Each fellowship has their own subject and application and application requirements, and all Texas history researchers are encouraged to apply.

Awards and Prizes

TSHA offers awards and prizes to individuals for their notable or outstanding works in the field of Texas history. Each award-winner receives a financial prize and is honored at the Association’s Annual Meeting. Most awards are given on an annual basis and all Texas history authors are encouraged to apply.

TSHA Fellows

TSHA bestows the title of Fellow to “members who show, through distinguished published works, or other exemplary scholarly activity, a special aptitude for historical investigation.” This special group of historians provide the scholarly backbone of the Association.

List of Awards & Fellowships