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Pioneer Texas doctor born in Alabama


On this day in 1844, pioneer Texas physician Abbe Alzu Ledbetter was born in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He served in the Confederate Army and after the war studied medicine at Tulane University. In the fall of 1869 he settled at Vienna, Lavaca County, Texas, where he practiced medicine until 1887. He moved to Hallettsville that year, continued to practice medicine, and operated a drugstore. Ledbetter, who died in 1919, thus practiced during a period of transition in health care in Texas. While traditional methods still predominated, new aspects of medicine were developing: more custodial care for those with chronic conditions, organized efforts to improve sanitation and public health, more successful outcomes from more surgical operations, more hospitals with greater acceptance by the public, more organizations of doctors and others involved in health care, and the establishment of schools to educate the professionals needed by the citizens of an ever-expanding state.

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