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State population surges as minority percentages grow


The U.S. Census Bureau showed the population of the state of Texas at 20,851,820 as of April 1, 2000. This figure represents an increase of 22.8 percent, or almost four million, since the 1990 census, and means that Texas has passed New York as the second most populous state in the nation (behind California). The population of Texas grew much faster than that of the nation as a whole, which increased 13.1 percent between 1990 and 2000 to a total of 281,421,906. During those ten years, the number of Hispanics in Texas grew from 4,339,905 (25.5 percent of the state's population) to 6,669,666 (32.0 percent). The number of Texans defining themselves as wholly or partly black or African American grew from 2,021,632 (11.9 percent) to 2,493,057 (12.0 percent). The number of Texans of American Indian descent increased from 65,877 (0.4 percent) to 118,362 (0.6 percent). Females represented a slightly lower percentage of the state's population in 2000 (10,498,910, or 50.4 percent) than in 1990 (8,620,547, or 50.9 percent).

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