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Woman cattle rancher born in San Antonio


On this day in 1901, Armel Keeran, the granddaughter of Texas cattleman John N. Keeran, was born in San Antonio. As a child she developed an interest in Brahman cattle on her father's ranch, and after graduating from college she moved back to the ranch and spent her life raising Brahmans. She was widely known as a Brahman breeder and was an outspoken advocate of the hump-backed cattle. She was the first woman in the United States to raise Brahmans and the second woman to sit on a board of a major cattle association. She developed the largest herd of Brahman cattle in the United States at that time. She was married to Henry Clay Koontz II of the Koontz Ranch in 1928, but the couple divorced after eleven years of marriage. She later married Hugh Baker. She died of a stroke and complications of diabetes in 1967 in Victoria.

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