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Texas general dies with his men in disastrous battle


On this day in 1864, Confederate general Hiram B. Granbury, commander of Granbury's Texas Brigade, was killed in the battle of Franklin, Tennessee. Granbury, a native of Mississippi, moved to Texas in the 1850s. He was chief justice of McLennan County from 1856 to 1858. At the outbreak of the Civil War he recruited the Waco Guards, which became a unit in the Seventh Texas Infantry. By 1864 he had commanded in turn a regiment and a brigade. After the fall of Atlanta, Granbury led his brigade in Hood's invasion of Tennessee. He was one of at least 1,750 Confederate soldiers killed in the frontal assault at Franklin, the highest total of rebel dead for any single-day battle of the war. A Texas captain wrote of the battle, "It can't be called anything else but cold blooded murder."

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