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La Grange Intelligencer publishes last issue


On this day in 1846, the last issue of the La Grange Intelligencer was published. The Fayette County weekly began publication in January 1844 with James Langley and William P. Bradburn as editor and publisher. William B. McClellan was publisher by August 1845. Smallwood S. B. Fields, who became editor about May 30, 1844, announced that he planned to devote a part of each issue to information on "Politics, Science, Agriculture, Religion, Foreign Affairs, Miscellaneous Items, and Domestic Matters" but kept the right to "animadvert freely" on government practice. The paper was against Sam Houston and for Edward Burleson for president in 1844, and Fields engaged in an editorial war with Thomas Johnson of the National Vindicator. In the September 12, 1845, issue, Fields asked for the friends of the paper to support it with "corn, fodder, potatoes, meat, lumber, cattle, or anything from a dozen eggs to a stick of firewood" to keep it from closing. Evidently his appeal was in vain.

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