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Mayor of San Antonio indicted for misapplication of funds


On this day in 1938, San Antonio mayor Charles K. Quin was indicted for misapplication of funds. Quin, born in Louisiana in 1877, opened a law practice in San Antonio in 1923. In the late 1920s and early 1930s he was an assistant city attorney and later a city utilities attorney. In 1932 Quin returned to private practice as a partner of C. M. Chambers, the Democratic mayor of San Antonio. When Chambers died suddenly in 1933, Quin was selected to fill his unexpired term and subsequently won that year's regular election. As mayor, Quin worked in the political machine tradition of his predecessor and was an associate of the gambler and bootlegger Charles Bellinger. The Bexar County grand jury indicted Quin and two other city officials for allegedly using city funds to pay a day's wage of four dollars to more than 400 "precinct workers" in the previous July's primary election. The indictments were later quashed, but Maury Maverick defeated Quin in the election then underway. Quin defeated Maverick in 1941, but resigned in 1942 to accept an appointment as judge of the Fifty-seventh Judicial District. He died while still serving as judge in 1960.

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