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Painter Frank Reaugh born in Illinois


On this day in 1860, artist Frank Reaugh, best known for his paintings depicting ranching life in Texas, was born in Illinois. In 1876 Frank and his parents moved to Texas and settled near Terrell. Reaugh began sketching for amusement at an early age. His subjects were the open rangeland that surrounded the family homestead and the free-roaming longhorn cattle found there. Reaugh studied art in St. Louis in 1884-85 and in Paris in 1888-89. In 1890 he moved with his parents to Dallas, where he opened his first art studio, the Ironshed, behind his parents' home. Beginning in the late 1880s Reaugh painted primarily in pastel. With this medium, he was able to capture the subtle shades of color he found in the landscapes and skies of West Texas and New Mexico. Reaugh's most famous works, the series of seven paintings entitled Twenty-four Hours with the Herd, are based on sketches made during the early 1880s. Reaugh, heralded as the "Dean of Texas Artists," was also an inventor and photographer, and donated the first painting to establish the Dallas Art Association, now the Dallas Museum of Art. He died in 1945.

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