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Texas legislature establishes evanescent Wegefarth County


On this day in 1873, the Texas legislature declared the existence of Wegefarth County. Like several other defunct Texas counties, Wegefarth County was never more than an idea of the state government. Though it had boundaries, it was never organized, and was abolished three years after it was named. The territory of the county lay west of Greer County, which, according to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, actually turned out to be in Oklahoma. Though its own territory was disputed like that of Greer County--because of a complex dispute involving an inaccurate map and the location of the 100th meridian--Wegefarth County was actually in Texas. But its name and boundaries were suppressed when the legislature established the current Panhandle counties on August 21, 1876. The other phantom counties established by the legislature and never organized were Buchel, Dawson, Encinal, and Foley.

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