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Last passenger train leaves Dallas terminal


On this day in 1969, the last passenger train left Dallas's Union Terminal. The Union Terminal Company was chartered in 1912 as part of a project to secure a union station for the seven railroads then serving Dallas. By 1916 the company built five miles of track within Dallas, and the terminal building was opened in October of that year. In 1926 the company owned one locomotive. The original owners of the Union Terminal company, each with an one-eighth interest, were the Chicago, Rock Island and Gulf; Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe; Houston and Texas Central; Missouri, Kansas and Texas of Texas; St. Louis, San Francisco and Texas; St. Louis Southwestern of Texas; Texas and Pacific; and Trinity and Brazos Valley. In 1925 the Fort Worth and Denver City acquired the interest owned by the Trinity and Brazos Valley. The Union Terminal Company was abandoned in 1974. The headhouse and other facilities were sold to the City of Dallas, and the station is currently used by Amtrak. Texas Ranger of Today, an eight-foot bronze by Waldine Tauch, was erected at the terminal in 1960.

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