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World War I Medal of Honor recipient dies


On this day in 1979, Medal of Honor recipient Samuel M. Sampler died in Fort Myers, Florida. Sampler was born at Decatur, Texas, on January 27, 1895, the son of Francis E. and Lorenza D. Sampler. He entered military service at Altus, Oklahoma. Corporal Sampler was a member of Company H, 142d Infantry, Thirty-sixth Infantry Division, United States Army, on October 8, 1918, near St. Étienne, France. His company suffered severe losses from machine-gun fire, and its advance was stopped. Sampler detected the enemy positions on an elevation. Armed with German grenades, which he had picked up, he advanced alone until he was near the enemy nest. His third grenade killed two Germans and caused the surrender of twenty-eight more. As a result of his brave and unselfish action the company was able to advance on its objective. Sampler received the Medal of Honor from Gen. John J. Pershing on April 22, 1919. He was also awarded the French Croix de Guerre and Italian War Cross.

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