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Work Projects Administration establishes NYA


On this day in 1935, the National Youth Administration was established under the general auspices of the WPA. The national director for the eight years of operation was Aubrey Williams of Alabama. The purpose of the depression-era organization was to provide jobs, education, recreation, and counseling for youths between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. As a result, jobless young people who had dropped out of school or graduated were offered part-time jobs working on highways and roadside parks, playgrounds and schools, recreational parks, and public buildings all over Texas. State directors of the NYA were Lyndon Johnson and Jesse Kellam. There was an agricultural training center in Luling, and a teaching program in stenography and general office practices at Blinn College in Brenham. During World War II, Texas had eleven resident training programs that gave instruction vital to the war effort. The NYA continued to function until it was voted out of existence in 1943.

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