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"Father of Houston Heights" dies


On this day in 1933, Houston real estate developer Daniel Denton Cooley died. Cooley, known as the "Father of Houston Heights," was born in Pennsylvania in 1850. In 1887 he became a director, treasurer, and general manager of the Omaha and South Texas Land Company, for which he worked until the company was dissolved in 1895. In 1891 the Omaha and South Texas Land Company's parent company purchased 1,765 acres of land west of downtown Houston. The property, twenty feet higher in elevation than the downtown area, came to be known as Houston Heights. At the time it was one of the country's largest real estate projects. Cooley's home was one of the first houses in the division. He installed the electric lights by hooking wires from the house to the electric trolley. Marmion Park, at the site of the former Cooley residence, contains a pavilion modeled after Cooley's home, which was razed in 1965.

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