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Day by Day Archive Month June

June 01
New park opens to public (1969)
Partisan leader promoted (1864)
Folk Festival inaugurated in Kerrville (1972)
June 02
Axe-wielding prohibitionist dies (1911)
Major Neighbors returns to San Antonio after leading historic western surveying expedition (1849)
Texas legislature establishes evanescent Wegefarth County (1873)
June 03
Bilingual instruction mandated in Texas schools (1973)
Horse Marines splash into action (1836)
Convention meets to discuss sectional crisis (1850)
June 04
Border photographer documents Mexican Revolution (1913)
Booker T. Washington speaks at first Prairie View graduation (1897)
David Dickson, future lieutenant governor, begins political career (1845)
June 05
Republic of Texas charters Independence Academy (1837)
Memucan Hunt, Texas diplomat and politician, dies (1856)
"Bandit Queen" marries for the last time (1880)
June 06
Texas Centennial Exposition opens (1936)
Texas rancher and traildriver born in Mississippi (1836)
Rudder's Rangers fight with distinction on Normandy beaches (1944)
Actor Guinn Williams Jr. dies (1962)
June 07
Construction begins on future Fort Sam Houston (1876)
Novelist dies after fistfight (1979)
Republic grants large tract to prospective colonizers (1842)
June 08
Mexican governor arrested trying to cross into Texas (1835)
Early Texas journalist heralds Long expedition (1819)
New airport opens in Houston (1969)
June 09
Texas poets wed (1927)
Galveston rabbi officiates at founding of historic Texas Jewish congregation (1870)
Water-well contractor accidentally discovers first major Texas oilfield (1894)
June 10
Lone Star Boys' State founded (1940)
Moses Austin dies (1821)
First armed clash between Anglo Texans and Mexican troops (1832)
June 11
Fantasy author commits suicide (1936)
Armed robbers hit state treasury (1865)
Pioneer public-health doctor dies (1991)
Luling philanthropist celebrates oil deal with huge barbecue (1926)
June 12
Killing of sheriff precipitates ballad tradition (1901)
El Paso County gives rock art site to state (1969)
Refugee conductor gives "demonstration concert" in San Antonio (1939)
June 13
President signs appropriation for Texas aviation station (1940)
Fraudulent petition seeks organization of Loving County (1893)
First Texan on U.S. Supreme Court dies in New York City (1977)
"Father of black Baptists in Texas" dies in La Marque (1898)
June 14
Black San Antonio political leader dies (1937)
"Texas bird lady" hatched in Corsicana (1886)
Higher education comes to vast Big Bend region (1920)
June 15
Race riot erupts in Beaumont (1943)
Roberts family sells Nacogdoches landmark (1901)
Texas woman becomes the first black licensed pilot (1921)
June 16
Founder of Sacred Heart Academy joins Dominican order (1863)
Northeast Texas community gets a post office (1879)
French Colonists arrive at La Réunion (1855)
June 17
Water rises disastrously as rain gluts the Brazos rivershed (1899)
"Thundering Sounds of the West" opens in Palo Duro Canyon (1965)
First TSHA annual meeting held in Austin (1897)
June 18
German church sues for return of art treasures (1990)
Historic ranch formed by partnership of legendary pioneers (1876)
Southwest Airlines takes to the air (1971)
June 19
Belated emancipation forms the basis for Juneteenth celebrations (1865)
Texas congressman calls Mexican president a "spineless cactus" (1919)
"Cowboys' Christmas Ball" published (1890)
Juneteenth (1865)
June 20
Fort Clark established at Las Moras Springs (1852)
Texas senator delivers speech against martial law (1870)
Feudists intensify conflict by lynching (1874)
June 21
Famous trial lawyer born in log cabin (1902)
Kate Ward begins her career as first river steamer on the Colorado (1845)
American Revolution reaches Texas (1779)
June 22
Mexican general investigates Texans' restiveness (1832)
Medical center for veterans opens in Kerrville (1921)
Austin Colony settlers clash with Karankawas (1824)
June 23
Pilot Wiley Post circles the earth to make aviation history (1931)
Provisional government declares Texas independence (1819)
Monument honors Alabama Indian subchief (1990)
June 24
Pioneer Big Bend photographer dies (1981)
New fort anchors Texas line of frontier defense (1851)
San Juan Bautista Mission founded (1699)
June 25
General Custer, once stationed in Texas, meets his Waterloo in Montana (1876)
Spurs are champions! (1999)
Civil War skirmish at Las Rusias (1864)
Ma Ferguson dies (1961)
June 26
Mexican garrison surrenders in prelude to Texas Revolution (1832)
WFAA radio goes on the air (1922)
Work Projects Administration establishes NYA (1935)
June 27
Indian raiders strike again at Adobe Walls (1874)
Suffragist leads the way in Harris County (1918)
Legendary Texas naturalist born in Illinois (1878)
June 28
Texas Senate ratifies women's right to vote (1919)
Texas Jack Omohundro dies (1880)
Texas humorist wins record libel award (1962)
June 29
Democratic convention ends as split party agonizes over Catholic nominee (1928)
Sculptor Elisabet Ney dies (1907)
Residents of homestead community petition for incorporation (1949)
June 30
Henry Flipper is dismissed from the military (1882)
Historic Frontier Echo publishes first edition (1875)
Texas fiddler performs on first commercial country music recording (1922)