Civil War In The Lone Star State

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In February 1861, Texans voted overwhelmingly to secede from the Union and joined the Confederacy soon after. As a result, the Lone Star State became involved in a four-year conflict that would take the lives of many and leave none untouched. Texas escaped much of the terrible destruction of the war for a simple reason—United States troops never managed to invade and occupy the state’s interior. Nevertheless, Texans paid a huge price for the war, primarily in terms of lives lost and ruined in the Confederate Army and in the privations of families left at home.

TSHA documents the Texans involved in the conflict and the major events that took place in the state in Civil War in the Lone Star State. In this eBook, you will learn more about:

• The major battles and campaigns that involved Texas and its citizens
• Military commanders and leaders associated with Texas, such as Thomas Green and John Bell Hood
• Major events which took place in Texas during and after the war, such as the Great Hanging in Gainesville and the Juneteenth celebrations
• And much more!

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Texas Trails: Pathways of History

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At the end of the Civil War, Texas was poised to enter the golden age of cattle trailing. With an abundance of cattle populating the state and demand rising across the country, cattle ranchers were eager to avoid depressed prices at home and earn much more outside of the state. Before long, a network of trails was established to transport cattle through Texas and across state lines. These trails remained the primary transport routes until the late nineteenth century, when railroad companies took over the transport of cattle.

Follow the journeys of the cattle drivers in Texas Trails: Pathways of History, TSHA’s latest free eBook. In this eBook, you can learn more about:

• Some of the major trail routes used by Texas cattle drivers, such as the Chisholm Trail, the Shawnee Trail, and the Western Trail
• Background information about the cattle transported on these trails and how the scourge of Texas Fever impacted the trade
• Minority groups who developed the cattle trailing and ranching industry, such as African American cowboys and the vaqueros
• Some of the prominent cattlemen and women of Texas, including Oliver Loving, Margaret Borland, and Daniel Waggoner

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