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On March 27, 1836, Santa Anna ordered a mass execution of Texan revolutionary army prisoners, marking the tragic end to the Goliad Campaign of 1836. A total of 342 individuals were killed on these orders, and only a lucky few were able to escape the merciless slaughter. The event damaged Santa Anna’s international reputation and deepened sympathy for the revolution in the United States.

TSHA documents the campaign, the execution, and the individuals involved in the sixth book in our Road to the Texas Revolution series. In the eBook, you will read:

• Eleven biographies on some of the prominent participants of the campaign, including James Fannin, Santa Anna, and José de Urrea
• Six entries from the Handbook discussing the pivotal battles and engagements of the Goliad Campaign
• Three articles from the Quarterly focusing on the Battle of Goliad, John Crittenden Duval, and the Dedicatory Address at the Goliad Monument

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