Lone Star Lore: Myth, Mystery, and Haunted History

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Texas has long held a reputation as a geographic and cultural crossroads, where the narrative traditions of Native American, European, and African settlers have intermingled to produce a captivating trove of lore and legend. The state’s well-documented history is equally rich with inexplicable accounts of sinister characters, unsolved mysteries, apocryphal tales, and supposedly supernatural occurrences.

Explore some of the darkest and most mysterious corners of Texas history in Lone Star Lore: Myth, Mystery, and Haunted History, a mystifying miscellany of thirteen entries drawn from TSHA’s Handbook of Texas that includes:

• Biographies of some of Texas’s most haunting and mysterious historical figures
• The sordid details of some of the most infamous crimes in Texas history
• Information on popular points of interest for seekers of paranormal phenomena

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26 thoughts on “Lone Star Lore: Myth, Mystery, and Haunted History

  1. I like to find stories that are geographically close to us. This is perfect for this time of year. My seventh grade Texas history class will love this!

  2. This book was absolutely fantastic! My father had this book and it was a great read. I really recommend this book!

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