Struggle and Success: African Americans in Texas

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Although African Americans were subjected to the cruelties of slavery, segregation, and discrimination during the long history of Texas, they overcame these terrible obstacles and made significant contributions to the growth and development of the state. It is important to document African American influence on Texas policies, social standards, and culture. Today, TSHA operates the Handbook of African American Texas to ensure that the stories of the African American experience are shared.

In Struggle and Success, you will discover:

• A brief overview of the history of African Americans in Texas, as well as their involvement in Texas politics
• Biographies on some of the prominent political and civil rights leaders from Texas, such as Barbara C. Jordan and James L. Farmer, Jr.
• Profiles on the African American leaders in business, law, education, science, and medicine
• Articles from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly focusing on desegregation and the fight for civil rights in Houston

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