Tejanos Through Time

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Understanding the diverse and rich culture of Texas is impossible without first understanding the history of Tejanos in the Lone Star State. Over time, Tejano traditions came to define many of the most iconic symbols of Texas, and their cultural impact is plainly seen in the architecture, language, clothing, music, literature, and cuisine that make Texas unique. Recently, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, TSHA updated its Handbook of Tejano History, and Tejanos Through Time is an excellent companion to this reference.

In Tejanos Through Time, you will read more about:

• The Spanish influence on Texas, resulting from their missions and colonial government
• Prominent political groups and activists who fought for Tejano civil rights, such as the League of United Latin American Citizens and Adela Sloss Vento
• Tejano influence on the arts, literature, and entertainment, featuring biographies on individuals such as Gloria Evangelina Anzaldua, Luis Omar Salinas, and Maria Belen Ortega
• And much, much more!

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14 thoughts on “Tejanos Through Time

  1. What another amazing eBook by TSHA! Tejanos are certainly an important part of Texas history, so I am glad TSHA recognizes that. Can’t wait for more from them!

  2. Tejano culture is very unique, handed down through generations. People that have fought through hard times to find there place in this great State of Texas.

  3. Аmazing eBook! Charming, adventurous story. Spanish trace in the history of Texas, explains some of the traits of Texans.

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